Does VDB Pro work with VOIP calling?

Not sure if anyone can answer this one, older thread but lets see. I had the Video Doorbell and VOIP worked great. Upgraded to the Pro version and VOIP does not work at all… its all setup like it was on the the original doorbell but does not ring my phone at all. Contacted support, they tried to help and then said they needed more time. From there I got an email saying VOIP is not supported or works on the pro version but after reading this thread it seems that is not accurate. Anyone else have issues getting the pro version to even work setting aside the “outgoing call” issue… just trying to get it to work in general then any other bugs I can sort out from there. Thank ya all!

Welcome to the forum @nbbrodbeck!

Sorry to hear you are having issues.

Since you talked to support I assume you have made sure the app and firmware are all up to date.

What all other troubleshooting steps have you done thus far?

One thought would be to

  1. Go into the push notifications
  2. Turn off voip
  3. Clear the Wyze app cache,
  4. Close and reopen the Wyze app
  5. Turn the voip setting back on

I guess the big thing is can someone confirm that VOIP does indeed work with the pro version of the doorbell. That would be my first step then for sure can outline what Ive done which is literally everything but open to suggestions. Does the pro work with VOIP?

Yea it works, it’s how I have mine setup.

I have 2 VDBPs, and 1 video doorbell deployed now and all 3 alert via VOIP.

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Well that means it works then and was led to believe differently, oh well. Anywho, Ive gone through all troubleshooting steps below:

  • Removed device from Wyze app, cleared cache and reinstalled device, didnt work
  • Reset device, removed from app, cleared cache and reinstalled device, didnt work
  • Removed Wyze app from phone, removed all devices and reinstalled all devices, cleared cache, didnt work
  • I’ve verified VOIP is on and push notifications is on. App is up to date as well as well as firmware for device, still not working
    With the original Wyze doorbell VOIP worked perfectly. Not sure the issue… any additional steps you would try/do?

What device and OS version are you using (Android/iOS?)
What version of the Wyze App and VDBP Firmware version are you on?

As a test and validation, I removed my Video Doorbell from the App, leaving only the VDBP. Cleared the App Cache, Logged out and Logged back into the Wyze App.

Turned off VOIP and tested and received a notification only.

Then turned VOIP back on and tested. And got the VOIP Call.

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Device is Z Flip 4 running Android 12. Wyze app is v2.34.0 (75). VDBP firmware is 1.0.68. Ill try my trouble shooting steps again here in a bit to see what I get. Does the app and firmware match yours?

Since your steps are quick and easy I cleared the Wyze app cache, logged out of the wyze app, logged back in and tested. Did not get a notification of the doorbell ringing or a VOIP call. All notifications are turned on and under the VOIP setting I have it set to ignore notification status as well.

I have the same VDBP FW, but happen to be on a Beta release of the App right now but don’t believe that to be a factor in this scenario.

Will move to my Pixel 6 with Android and install the Latest RC and test again shortly.

Also… is your VDBP wired or on battery?

Can you share the notification settings from the Video Doorbell Pro

Its wired but I sorted it out and now need to figure out the issue. Appears my phone is blocking the call. I see it called on my phone log history, didnt think to check that but I did and see all the calls from the doorbell. That is a plus… now to figure out how to unblock it as it shows as not blocked but the phone log says “blocked by phone”. I added the doorbell as a contact but still shows blocked even though its not blocked, if that makes sense.

Ahhh good Catch… Is it Possibly “Block Numbers”?

This is from my Z Fold 4… So could be similar to what you are seeing on the Flip 4

Welp, had to turn off Caller ID and spam protection in the phone settings to get it to work. Kinda sucks because now there is no spam filters on so there has to be a work around to add this number as a “trusted” number… do you know if its always the same VOIP number that calls or could it possibly change?

It is the same… just replied, replies crossed…

Looks to be the same per device… Where you can see one from the VDB (South Gate) and The VDBP (Front Door) have different numbers but the Front Door VDBP is consistently the same number.

Was this a Android setting or a Carrier App?

Appreciate the info and data, this helps expand knowledge to continue to support others should they run into a similar situation.

Nice… well tested some more and seems that I can use the “blocked numbers” under call settings but if I turn on the “caller ID and spam protection” under call settings powered by Hiya (whatever the hell that is) it will block the VOIP call from the doorbell. Hope this all helps someone else in the future.

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Its an Android setting… sorting out what Hiya is now. Its not an app I installed but must have come loaded on the phone. I bought the flip direct from Samsung unlocked so not a carrier app/setting.

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Who is your carrier? It may be an included service… I think ATT uses it, Verizon uses it’s own.

ah thanks for that and that makes sense Samsung is a Hiya partner… My Fold Came from Verizon so littered with Verizon’s Software :smiley:

Glad you got it figured out!

Heck yeah… you and me both. Might help others down the road. It came loaded and turned ON by default direct from Samsung so there ya have it. Thank you for the mental support lol. Also should take note that the Wyze tech support did state that VOIP was not supported by the pro version which seems incorrect.