Does the Wyze Sense Hub use WICED?

I recently installed a new WiFi network and see an un recognized device (WICED-hap-xxxxx). Is this MAC ID related to the Wyze Sense Hub device?

Don’t think so. I don’t see that as an SSID when I scan for wifi and I’m running my hub wirelessly.

Look at the IP address reported for your WICED-hap device, then compare that to the IP address shown for your Hub on its “Device Info” screen. That should tell you if they are the same item.


It’s not a MAC ID. They are limited to hexadecimal. Apparently HAP is Homekit Accessory Protocol and WICED is a standard associated with eero WiFi.

Nothing directly to do with Wyze?..

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Appreciate the reply. The Wyze Sense Hub MAC ID is easily identifiable and is known. Regarding the unknown WiFi device (WICED-hap), I suspect the Hub is utilizing a WiFi subnet to communicate with the sensors.

As of this writing, it is still an unproven hypothesis. However, it seems to be the most likely explanation for the unknown mystery Wi-Fi device.

Secondary possibility is it may be a subnet utilized by my new LG OLED TV on the same network. Although my recent testing has ruled that out.

No it isn’t. It uses RF to communicate, 915 MHz per the specs.


Thank you, WildBill. This information confirms it is not the Wyze Sense Hub.
Moving on to the LG TV technology.