Unknown Wyze Devices in DHCP List

I have recently reconfigured my dhcp scope to provide fixed (reserved) IPs for all my devices. This includes all my Wyze stuff. However, the dhcp lease file lists three or four unknown Wyze devices on the network. I’ve accounted for all my devices and all seem to be active on the assigned IPs but my thought is these rogue devices may actually be some of the cameras exhibiting the dual MAC issue due to the assignment of the Wyze MAC during boot. Any ideas? Here are the unknown MACs:

Bill, I assume those MACs are not accounted for. Are there devices that should be getting IP addresses that are not?
I also have DHCP reservations for every known device on all of my LANs (in many cases, devices will have assignments on several LANs). Makes it real easy to tell when something fails. I also have a script in the router that pings every IoT device (except the Amazon Echos that don’t respond to a ping - dammit), and will send me an E-Mail of any failures.

Nope…these are devices I cannot identify. I have accounted for all Wyze plugs, cameras, bulbs and the HMS hub. I don’t have any others. As far as I’m concerned they shouldn’t exist, yet there they are. I’ve also accounted for all other devices. It concerns me because the devices are pingable but unreachable any other way. Can’t find the IPs from the device info in the Wyze app. From the MAC, they ARE Wyze devices.

I modified the settings for my dhcp server to ignore unknown MACs. That should force the IPs off the network so that maybe I can identify the devices.

Set up continuous pings on all three, and power off each device one by one to see what goes away. Easier if you have someone else watching the PC with the three ping windows, who can talk to you (phone or radio).

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Already tried that with some devices without any success. Easier to just wait and see what happens when/if they can’t get an IP.

Alright, now I feel downright foolish. After I configured my dhcp to ignore unknown MACs three plugs went offline. I felt like an idiot because they are definitely not in my reserved IPs. However, I feel somewhat absolved because the Wyze app shows the wrong IP on all three. The app shows they have addresses in my reserved IPs but those addresses belong to other plugs. Going to fix my reserved IPs today which should fix the plugs but I am very confused and unhappy that the app isn’t reporting the correct IP addresses for the plugs.