Moving Wyze devices to new subnet

I’m considering moving all my Wyze devices to an IOT subnet so each one would need a new address on this network plus a login to the subnet SSID for those using wireless access (three cameras).
What’s involved in doing this?
I have a home monitoring hub with three cameras and three door sensors, plus a base station for one of the cameras which is the outdoor version.
My motivation would be the get all IOT type devices off my main subnet. In typing this out I’ve just realized the two hubs are ethernet devices while my IOT network subnet is wireless only at this point. If I truly wanted to isolate all devices, I’d have to figure that out with the wired devices.
There’s probably a way to do that at the firewall level with wired devices but that’s a bit beyond the scope of what I had hoped to do. I have an Edgerouter firewall.
Oy vey! Anyhoos, what’s involved in moving a Wyze network devices to a new subnet?

To do this, you would need to go through the setup, but you don’t need to remove the devices from the app.

Do the setup in this fashion will allow the Network to change but all other information and rules will remain intact

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I have all my IoT devices on their own LAN subnet - and therefore different WiFi SSID. In my case I am using enterprise grade WiFi that allows each SSID (up to 15) to be on it’s own Virtual LAN (VLAN). To move the cameras, all it cares about is the WiFi SSID, so it’s just a matter of doing the setup routine on each camera to move it to a different WiFi SSID. DO NOT delete the camera before doing the setting procedure. All rules, history, etc will be retained.
As far as the separate LAN, that depends massively on what the capability of your hardware - and how separate you really want. Most consumer grade WiFi and LAN equipment are not VLAN capable so it’s a bit harder than what I am doing. In my case, I have a separate VLAN (VLAN 206) that uses my IP address range. VLAN 206 is totally separate from my normal home LAN in my router. I am using a small business class router that fully understands VLANs and has each VLAN separated via firewall rules. I allow the IoT devices to reach the Internet, but none of my other VLANs except the one that has my time server (the Wyze cameras don’t use the time server, but some other devices do).

Way back years ago when using consumer grade equipment, I accomplished this by using two router. The WAN connection on each router was connected to a small switch that also connected to my DSL modem so each router got a separate public IP address and provided a completely separate LAN. That did depend on being able to get multiple IP addresses from my ISP.

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Okay thanks. How do I trigger the setup sequence again in the manner prescribed?

The only way to trigger it is to go to each device and press the setup button on cameras and on other devices you would need to follow the steps on the Wyze Site for the specific Device

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