How to move Wyze cams 5-7 from one router to another?

I have a new router and I wanted to switch several Wyze cams to it.

Is there any way to change them over, without setting them up again ?

One cam, no problem. 5-7 cams, kinda is ?

Any “Tips or tricks” or suggestions?

Thx !

Simplest way is to use same SSID and password. If they must be different, re-adding the cameras by running setup (without deleting them) is the only way.


That was my thought, too.

I wanted to hear from those, who might have tried it .

Thx !!!

This is a case of a new router, replacing the older allegedly slower one (ol faithful).

I have done the keep the SSID thing in the past, but I bit the bullet and changed a bunch of things over to a new SSID last year. I didn’t delete, just went through and did the setup on a handful of bulbs and cameras. Didn’t take all that long. What helped is that all my cameras are all in fairly easy to reach areas. Just powered through it knowing that things were way more organized in the end (and on a less annoying SSID name in the end)lol.


Was going to say the same thing. I moved all things Wyze (and other smart devices) to my Wyze mesh routers. Had to reset all the network settings but just did it over a couple of days. All my stuff, including cameras, were easy to reach. No ladders needed.



I’m 6’2 n have several outta reach. (Ladder time :face_with_monocle::face_with_head_bandage::open_mouth::cold_face::thinking:
I also have a few weak or distorted, WiFi areas.
Meaning more trip up da ladder ?

I have a Wyze router as my main one.
I also have the Wyze ODC (Ethernet) it’s mini router. With another router (Ethernet) for Alexa & a few cams.

It’s a messy set up,
But, one developed over the yrs (16).
Way before, Wyze had, it’s workhorse router.

Right now, I like it this way.

Replacing my non Wyze router, with this new one. The easier it goes, the better.
We’ll see if my OCD, “Perfection Mode”, ever kicks in again ?:sweat_smile:

Last Sept’s power failure (1h 30m), Caused my Wyze sense to fail, to come back up. Despite both routers coming back up, just fine.

Nothing like being 300 miles away, for 4+ days and there’s nothing U can do about it.

Time will tell, if the tinker bug, ever strikes again ?
I have way too many Wyze items, yet to be installed.

I’ve foot dragged so long. My OG doorbell & Door Lock have newer versions.

Thx !
For the help guys !