Does the V3 have a 'cool down" like the V3 PRO?

I’m not good at searching… sorry. I don’t want the so-called “cool down” where one cannot record a segment for five seconds. Silly. Does the plain V3 have this “cool down” like the V3 Pro?

Is the cool down because the camera gets too hot if one runs it continuously?

The 5 minute Cool Down depends on what Wyze Service you have. Cam Plus, there are back to back recordings and no Cool Down periods (no delay between recordings). So the Wyze Cool Down is nothing to do with temperature. Here is a link with more info.


So the V3 (not pro) does “cool down”? If so, will strongly consider getting a different brand or model.

Terminology here. “Cool Down” has nothing to do with temperature in this case.

“Cool Down” in this case refers to a period of time where the camera does not send events to the cloud for storage.

This is entirely based on what level of cloud service you are playing for. If you have CamPlus, there is no Cool down at all. CamPlus Lite and no CamPlus of any type do have cool down times. The link a few posts ago explains that.

Also, local uSD card recordings have no cool down at all. If you have the local uSD card recording set to continuous, there will be continuous records to the uSD card. If you have the uSD card recording set to events only, the card will save any minute that has an event anywhere within that minute.

As far as temperature is concerned, I have had various Wyze cameras in my attic with a measured temperature of about 150 degrees F, mounted to my windshield of my truck in direct sun all day and only once had a camera stop working (and I don’t know if it was the camera or the power supply that stopped - it came back after cooling off).


If you don’t have a CamPlus subscription, all the cameras have a cool-down of 5 minutes (except maybe the outdoor cams). All can also record continuously to an sd card in the cameras (again except the outdoor cams).


You were faster than me.


Just luckier…

Regular v3 cameras with a Cam Plus subscription (Not Cam Plus Lite) do not have 5 minute delay to record a Cloud Event video again.

Sounds like for your needs, you want a v3 or v3 PRO camera with a Cam Plus subscription.


Or perhaps much much better, a 1-4k wifi cam with no subscription and no limitations!

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Let us know what you go with. I am always interested in what is out there and how it is working for you. Good luck.


Yes, tell us about this, we’d all be interested.

In the meantime, 5 minutes is not bad, unless you have your camera positioned and set to trigger on everything. In that case you’d probably ignore all alerts anyway. :slight_smile:


Exactly, to everything you said.

“Cool Down” was a very bad name choice. It should have been something like “5 minute Notification alert pause”. Cam Plus gets rid if that, as everyone has already said, Also Micro SD card recordings have no such pause, though they also don’t have notifications: You have to go to “Playback” to review them.

Actually it’s a very common term in this context.

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Common doesn’t make it smart. :slight_smile:

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Yep. I use my callsign as a forum user ID in lots of places. It’s entertaining how many other amateur radio operators I run into that way.


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Cool down? Why? So I buy a “security” camera but it won’t record, even to my sd card, more than once unless I pay a subscription? I understand subscription fees that add services but this takes away basic recording capabilities. I have almost every Wyze product and this bothers me the most. I have missed important content that otherwise would have been captured. Makes me want to toss the cams and just put in a low cost 4k Poe nvr as they have come way down in price. Better quality video and audio, no “cool down”, no monthly leeching. The app is always buggy, cameras are buggy, and the relentless push for subscriptions is annoying. Might have to move on…sad really.

Incorrect. uSD card recording DOES NOT have any sort of cool down. Regardless of CamPlus subscription (or none).