Does the phone have to be open to get notifications?

I had my ipad on viewing live camera and it received a motion notification.However my Andriod phone was on but wayze app was closed.Do we need to leave the app running for notifications?
Also motion sensitivity HIGHER would be longer range.yes i need to play with it more


Mine android sound closed. I had to turn off the notice

On IOS the notification goes to the Notification Center whether the app is open or not. How it’s presented depends on your settings on your device.

But works DIF on Andriod?

Can’t say for sure since I don’t have an Android device, but I imagine it’s the same. . Notification gets sent to phone and phone handles it so it should be determined by the settings

you are correct. on android it does the same.

think of the notifications as concentric circles. first and smallest circle is the Wyze cameras. make sure all your notifications are correct there. ( notifications for a specific camera or cameras are on.) then check the Wyze app global notifications, ( the bell on the home page of the app does NOT have a line through it) and lastly we go to your phone notification settings. on android you can actually set a unique notifications for each app. make sure you don’t have a very soft/ silent notification sound set for the app by accident ( I just helped someone with this the other day when all else failed :upside_down_face:)


Thanks for that - my MIL has an Android Great Call I’ve helped her with but it’s so layered with their shell it’s hard to tell what happens, plus our time there is limited.
Great explanation!