Does Home Monitoring support multiple locations now?

I noticed on the Wyze home page there’s a tile showing pricing for Home monitoring and it lists pricing as $8.33 per month per system, Is there support for multiple systems for one account now?

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No. Each account is still limited to one HMS Subscription on one system at one location.


Is it possible that i can buy monitoring systems for several buildings? Individual monthly $ monitoring.
controlled through an apple phone or I pad. Would like to put the Wyze system in 6 separate buildings.
6 separate contracts

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You can buy as many as you like. However, you would have to purchase each unit and subscription from a separate email account Wyze login. Wyze limits each account to only ONE HMS Subscription at ONE location. You cannot have multiple HMS subscriptions or locations on any account.

Each system, with its corresponding subscription, would need to be on a separate email login account with its own billing setup in the Wyze online account.

Since the app only allows for login to one account at a time, you would only get push notifications and alarm alert notifications from the last account logged in before closing the app. You won’t get notifications if logged out of the app.

But, since Noonlight sends SMS messages and then calls, all accounts would receive the SMS and calls to the same phone regardless of login status.