Is it possible to use cam protect for multiple houses?

Would like to be able to arm and disarm alarms and protect numerous homes under one account

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If Cam Protect operates with any similarity to the HMS, which is also monitored by Noonlight, I believe you will be limited to only one monitoring subscription per account. In order to have a subscription at a seperate monitored location, you would need a seperate account specifically for that location.

There is a wishlist request for Home Monitoring at multiple locations, but I need to verify if this also applies to Cam Protect.

So I asked some others to confirm my understanding of Cam Protect. I was correct. Although you are able to employ 5 cams with subscriptions at one location, you are only allowed to have one Cam Protect Noonlight Monitoring setup per account.

If you loaded a cam from a different location onto your account, which is possible, and assigned that cam to one of the five Cam Protect subscriptions, the Alarm sent to Noonlight would result in an Alarm at the primary location where the Cam Protect Monitoring is registered within the account. This would lead to law enforcement being sent to the wrong location thinking the cam was at the primary address.

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