Does Doorbell Send Push Without Chime?

Does the doorbell require a chime in order to send push notifications to the app? I want to use it kind of like an alert button. Press the button and get notification on the app only?

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The Original Video Doorbell does not require a Chime. The Chime is only used so if Push happens, it will ring in your home.

The Video Doorbell Pro does require the Chime as that is how it connects to the Network and internet.

You can also enable VoIP for both Doorbells, so it will actually ring your phone if someone presses the button. I use this feature and like it a lot.


Thanks for that!
Primarily I want to use this as a call button for my elderly mother when she is alone.
She pushes the button and I get an alert on my Wyze app.

But I’m very interested about the VoIP option too, as I use a GV number in the home.
Do you happen to have a link to instructions on setting that up? Or is there a thread on here about it?

Thanks again!

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The V1 Doorbell is Power Only and not Battery powered. The Doorbell pro is Battery powered as well.

Letting you know in case that matters

I like your thinking on this though. Out of the box and makes sense.


Just to note, the doorbell as a call button works a treat. I’ve made a mounting box for it and wired it via the hidden USB port, (unsanctioned, but it works.) Using the VOIP feature, pushing the button initiates a very quick phone call to the app user, which can be answered as a video phone call.

I have placed this device by my elderly mother’s bedside and it works very well. Of course I know it is limited to her power and internet being up, but it’s the best thing I’ve seen without having a cellular device.

Thanks for your help.


The beauty of Wyze products is you get a product that operates as advertised out of the box. But… thankfully these items are not locked down and not so expensive to prohibit us diy - tinkering types (with a heck of a thinktank forum of fellow like thinkers) from adapting them to fit needs with plain ole creativity. And if you screw up and let the smoke out of a board, suck it up and spend another 29 or 39 or so bucks and apply what you learned.

The doorbell as a call button is great. Besides my doors obviously, i am using one at my homebrew gate opener that is about 400 feet from my home. I live in rural Ga on about 200 acres with livestock so gates are something we deal with constantly. I can share my gate and opener etc in another post. But i do have a v3 cam and garage door opener operating as a gate opener with about 25.00 spent on Amazon. So anyone who comes to my driveway meets a closed gate. And without the code to activate it on the keypad or one of my 2.99 keyfobs, the camera which is set to push notifications will let me visually identify and I can activate the opener with the Wyze app. I added a doorbell cam giving peole the option of the push button instead of wondering if i knew they were there by ESP or some hidden means. I had intended on running power to the gate underground, but I kept everything at 12vdc and under so using a 12v battery, and a couple of solar panels with a controller I bought for 20.00 from a neighbor who paid 5 times that but never used it, and a dc buck converter with fixed 12 to 24vdc in and 5vdc output with enough current to power the v3 cam, controller and the doorbell cam. Of course, i am using the hidden usb port (as mentioned in the post above) for power keeping the whole setup DC. As for for the wifi, I did add a yagi directional from my dedicated camera router that is located in my house. I was prepared to use an access point colocated with the gate setup, but the the yagi gave me enough gain on 2.4 GHZ that i didn’t have to modify any antennas on the cams and I have enough bandwidth to stream in HD and actually have 2 Wyze cams and the doorbell cam active simultaneously. Although not sanctioned by Wyze officially and advised not to use it, the usb port has worked perfectly and I’ve not had any issues at all with it. I have since setup a doorbell cam for use in a powerless are using a battery holder and LiFePo batteries output with mini usb cable to the doorbell cam usb port house in a sealed molded platic project box with removable cover secured by 4 screws from Amazon. I went further and used a 7Ah 12vdc LiFePo battery (which is about 6" x 4" x 4"), an adjustable step-down dc buck board with digital dispaly, a AC charging board, AC bulkhead input, and a couple of usb-a bulkhead mount output secured in a small but perfectly sized molded plastic ammo box with a handle. Essentially its a portable small power box for usb that can be charged up and used portably and recharged or as an inline AC to DC converter with battery energy storage backup. I have built another for a family member who had an impossible scenario for pulling power to the front porch and door but i added solar input. The panel I used is a 6 x 10 inch panel with 5vdc output, so its beyond the charging circuit (with diode to prevent backfeed) and merely supplies power during daylight to the DC output. Being on such a large tract of rural land, ive used Wyze cams and variations of my power box to surveil problem areas due to trespassers, poachers and livestock curiosity. Of course ive had to expand wifi coverage and have nearly all 200 acres covered using high power access points with appropriate antennae. The right antenna makes all the difference. I read gripes about being limited to 2.4 gig band, but Ive experienced the range to be better and being rural, theres not a lot of channel interference. We finally got the fiber internet we’ve been promised for 20 years and with 2 gig fiber service its opened a lot of doors for us and I’m using Wyze exclusively and modifying some products which has been great. With inexpensive remote controlled boards with multiple contactors, voltage converters, solar panels and others available along with the Wyze price point, we have been able to increase security, automate the house and farm as a whole. I can’t speak for all the brands out there today except for Ring and Wyze beats them hands down. I wish I had the money back i spent on the limited Ring products i bought.