Do you trust Wyze? (2022)

You do seem to like stirring things up, without a particular focus. Have fun! :slight_smile:

Here to help if you ever get focused, lol.


Hi @Newshound !

Hmm, maybe more of an oscillation?

Help! Why do you trust Wyze? :grin:

I like this YES/NO | PRO/CON format, @nixhome2020 , fair and explicit! :+1:

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Please consider taking the:

o - No trust.
10 - I would buy a mechanical heart :heart: from Wyze.

I finally voted with a 7.5. More plusses than minuses.

Please don’t ask to date my under-age daughter.

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7.5, that’s pretty darn good. I will join you there for the moment. Seems right. :slight_smile:

I have yet to drop below 6, I think, over 3+ years. I have v2 cams, and original bulbs and plugs.

:laughing: Deal.

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Here’s… something. :slight_smile:


That is … something.

Green - Willing to spend the green $.
Blue - Cool at not doing anything; buying or complaining.
Red - Frustrated.

I thought blue should be yellow for cautious to buy any thing, but it would look like an inverted US stop light.

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Your trust and satisfaction may depend on the number of different Wyze products you have - and how well those products interact. @ssummerlin and I at Trust 7.5, for example, are kind of minimalists: v2/3 cams bulbs and plugs. Many have a great variety.

Formally Sharing cams - or sharing Account credentials - places variable demands on their limited power to process and serve multiple video streams simultaneously. I do neither.

Accessing cams from outside your own WiFi network via cellular connection throws another big variable into the mix. I access them mostly via WiFi.

The varying quality and performance of folks’ WiFi networks makes one-to-one comparison of our experiences nigh on impossible.

And expectations differ:

Still, we soldier on… :slight_smile:  

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I trust Wyze as much as I trust any Chinese company, all Chinese companies have the government in their business with NO choice in the matter.

No I am Not Saying Wyze is a Chinese Company, But Everything Wyze sells was designed in China by the Chinese Company. Wyze just has their own firmware/software for the devices,

Wyze has no control over what may or may not be imposed on the Chinese company by the Chinese Government. Don’t think so? Below is a Google Search on the subject…

However I already knew this going in to the Wyze Cam Game, That is why ALL my cameras are outside around my property and some older V2’s ended up in the Barn. Any hackers will be bored with my video stream…LOL


Exactly, 100% agree.


I agree, they should stick to their core products, Light Bulb, Camera, maybe even the Plug, but adding all the other stuff before working out the bugs on the core items, think then they would have a better product and once they have worked out ALL the bugs then they can move onto new products, but to put out all these products when they are still having issues with their core products make the whole company look bad.