Can Wyze be a trusted Company?

In December last year Wyze wrote to the Community:
“There is nothing we value higher than trust from our users… Our business model is depending on building long term trust…”

I am sorry to say that my Trust was broken. Why?

Wyze confirmed in July their promise to offer free Person Detection to early customers, if registered before October 9th as a “Name Your Price”-offer.

Why broken?

  • Being one of the first customers, I bought and paid the cameras with my European card (Sweden).
  • The “Name Your Price”-page required an American card even when entering $0. No card should ever be needed to pay $0.
  • I contacted the Support. Said they were sorry, could do nothing. Then no reply.
  • I wrote a letter to the CEO. No reply.
  • I informed both that when the Wyze products are available in Europe (with all services) I will gladly buy more cameras and also pay (more) for Person Detection.


  • The PROMISE to get continued Person Dectection was broken.
  • The TRUST was broken by the silence from both Support and Top Management.
  • QUESTION: Why is Support and the CEO silent?
  • Hope this message will remain visible in the Forum so that constructive, trustful feedback could be delivered from concerned.



At least for some of the time that page did NOT require a credit card to select $0. (But the page design made it VERY difficult to successfully choose $0.) Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you.

Thanks for your kind feedback. A tad encouraging.

Maybe it is not too late to remedy this, if this is actioned on by the Wyze officials. For an enterprise whose main strategy is to build customer trust it is a serious matter to remedy where cracks are visible.

I stopped trusting. My Wyze sense experience was terrible and so was my WCO experience. You are not missing anything spectacular with Wyze person detection. My WCO has person detection and gives me person detection when there is absolutely nobody in front of it.