Do you test your uSD card recording capability?

Curious if other people explicitly test the uSD recording capability on their cameras periodically.

I have 38 operational Wyze cameras and all except two (not yet deployed) have uSD cards that are all set to continuous recording. Although I do fairly regularly watch recorded video, on some of the cameras, that is very rarely. So I periodically pull up each camera one by one and select playback, wait for the green bar to show up and scroll back one swipe and make sure it actually shows video. I then document it on my camera spreadsheet (partially shown below). The column for uSD card # is where test results go - along with the identifying number of the card after I started tracking the cards (you can see that on cameras 11 & 12). I do this every few months, or if I run into what appears to be a failed card and have time to test them all.

I do not, though I have mine set to Event vs Continuous. I change them to Continuous when activity in the neighborhood suggests I should. (Yes, I know, reactive, and I will sometimes miss footage I wish I hadn’t. :slight_smile: )

Have you found that if a failed card is left in a cam (because of difficulty in accessing it) it can cause poor connectivity in a camera group in which it’s included?

This is something I noticed as a possibility recently.


Had this bookmarked from 2019:

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Now that i have all “high endurance” cards, I spot-check :heavy_check_mark: every other month. Previously, I spot-checked once a week :frowning: