Do you own a Wyze Cam Pan v1 or v2 assigned to Cam Plus?

Wow. I have never gotten more than a 12 sec video from my PanCam v1 with CamPlus. I’m embarrassed to say that I did not realize I am paying for five-minute videos. Now that the AI detection is completely broken (i.e., no detection at all!), I will cancel my CamPlus subscription and go back to CamPlus Lite (which is doing a much better job of AI detection on my other cameras for less money).

I worked with Wyze to [attempt to] fix the regression they caused in July 2021 that stopped playing event videos for my Video Doorbell. It was a disaster. They closed four tickets even though the problem still exists, and all the while they promised they were releasing a fix “real soon now.” I am sorry, but I have no more time to waste with Wyze “Support.”


Hi there.

And…if Wyze Executives/Teckies in the US or those idiots in the Philippines who claim they know everything but they don’t have a clue - (not sure why Wyze hire them), I too will be canceling my Cam Plus. I agree with you, SKST, I have better recording when I don’t have cam plus. I use my memory cards and it records for hours and with cam plus, I only get 12 seconds or less. So, why am I paying for something that “DOES NOT WORK” - yelling at those who are skimming our money.


I have found that the Wyze Team here in the forum are unquestionably more responsive, better equiped, more connected, and more effective than any I have encountered from the contract customer service firm.

I am glad you have had good experiences in the forum. I have not seen them weigh in on this thread (or the others about CamPlus issues), nor in the threads discussing Error 09 on their Video Doorbell product or the threads requesting help with excessive notifications.

There aren’t enough of them to monitor all the threads. When there are issues that do need addressed, there are ways to get their attention and ask for help. That is how I was able to correspond with them in the DM. From previous posts in this thread. :point_up::wink:

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Hi skst,

Thanks for the feedback. Like @SlabSlayer said, if you could provide me with the device log and the exact time those 12s only events happened. I will have the dev take a look at those.

Please feel free to DM me and let me know any question you have with the cameras you are currently using. Thanks again!


Thank you, @WyzeDesmond. I have submitted device log ID: 652586. All of the recorded event videos from that camera are under 30 seconds, 99.9% are 11 or 12 seconds. Until today, they were all 11 seconds, but ever since I unassigned CamPlus from that camera for a few hours and then reassigned it, it seems to be detecting vehicles again. A few of the videos are even 14, 20, 21, 26, or 29 seconds. However, I do not see that any are 30 seconds or more, and I have been given to understand that it should be able to record up to five minutes.

@skst Thanks for the log and info. Do you happen to review events on 7/19 and give me some specific time point where you only receive an event labled “person” but the event cut at 11s or 12s while the person was still in the image?

Yes. 7/19 at 6:54 PM. The video cuts off at 11s and begins to record a second one, instead of recording a single, longer video.

The motion events videos are continuously splitting and cutting off, mostly between 12-16, occasionally 20-40 seconds of a single stream of motion while the movement is continuing in front of the camera WPCv1, yet the motion is fragmented. I already cleared the cache and unplugged the cam twice. It only helped to extend the clips from 12-15 seconds to a staggering 16-20 seconds.

Why would I need cam plus, wasting of yearly subscription.

Submitted a Log Id: 666498

Update: after posting, the length of motion events went up from a few seconds to 5 minutes 3 seconds increments - still not sure why it’s splitting when the motion is continuous.

*testing this unreliable erratic event lengths by placing the cam directly in front of a live TV show.


Same here. Why are we paying for cam plus where all videos are 12 seconds?

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Log sent, posted issue, chatted with support, no response from wyze, problem remain unresolved.

Continuous physical motion in front of WCPV1, yet video events in app are many chain of clips between 12-15 seconds each, occasionally 20 seconds - it defeat the purpose of subscribing to CP, paying for a service that’s broken, unsupported, rendering useless.

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My post above (on June 24th) concerning this very issue with ALL my Cam Pan V1’s was completely ignored. Person/vehicle detection rarely works, Not getting event recordings or notifications for many motion events and almost all events are being chopped into multiple 12 seconds event clips with many event sections missing. However, the motion events are being recorded to the SD card as expected. I cannot believe I paid for Cam Plus (for a whole year no less).

While your post may not have been replied to, it was not ignored.

I can confirm that the Devs are aware of this issue and are working on identifying the problem and fixing it. As recent as last night I was in contact w\ Wyze in the DM providing detailed comparison videos (Event vs SD) with logs for them to work on it.

I will be sure to update the thread with any progress or updates

Oh that is great news @SlabSlayer . Thank you for the reply and for letting us know. I sure hope it gets resolved soon!


As do I! Stay tuned.

I have posted this issue with the WCPv1 short recordings even though it is assigned to CamPlus to this month’s Fix-it Friday thread.

If you are still experiencing this issue, feel free to follow the link, like the post with a heart coin, and add your experience in a reply post (if you are so inclined).

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I have exactly the same issue. V2 does not record more than 13-22seconds even though movement of objects are there. Why am I paying for CP (1 month ago?). Before I had it, I was able to play back videos using my SD card w/o any issues. All tech support solutions were useless (Either chat or via phone). Do Wyze management read these posts and the frustration level of users who have CP!!!

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Wondering if the issues w\ the WCPv1 and WCPv2 are related?

@altaid, do you have Motion Tracking turned on for your PanV2?

If so, can you turn that off and test the cam with some extended movement and post back if the CamPlus Event Video lengths are any longer?

Also, since you have CP, can you tell me if the Person Detection tags any better\faster\more accurate with the Motion Tracking off?

As for the SD card video, I found out that my cheap SD card was failing. Replacing it with a High Endurance card has fixed my Continuous SD recording issues.

Please describe the issues you are having using SD Playback on your Panv2. Do you have it set for Continuous or Motion Only? Are you opening SD Playback from a CamPlus Event Video or from the Live View?