Do these do anything besides live video?

Before I return my V2 Wyze Cams…

I just received these the other day and had no issue setting them up with my Android device. I can easily view live streams from all my Wyze cams via the app. While viewing the live stream, I can clearly see the green movement rectangles when a person enters, exits, or moves around the scene.

However if I go into the notifications section of the app, there’s nothing there. I’ve never received a push/app notification since I’ve installed them.

Am I missing something obvious or are these just super buggy? The sales description clearly states the following (both of which are false claims as far as I can see):

  • Receive push notifications on your phone whenever motion or sounds are detected
  • Free Rolling 14-Day Cloud Storage: You have free access to saved motion and sound-triggered alert videos for 14 days.

You gotta turn it on. There’s a setting when you’re in the Notifications part of the app. Click the gear, and turn on Push Notifications. You also have to set up your motion detection parameters for each camera, or there won’t be anything to save to the cloud.

If you want the camera to do more for you, put a memory card in it. Then you can record several days of video, go back and look at it, save clips and stills, and share them in various ways.


Having notification issues that are worked out in beta. My problems are already well documented. I will wait for the software patches.

Push notifications are turned on (it’s the only switch/option in the notifications section). Still doesn’t work. I know I can put a memory card in the cameras but prefer cloud upload.

dumb question. where do i find these tiny SD cards? i looked on amazon for wyze cam SD cards



I recommend this Silicon Power 32GB High Endurance Micro SDHC Memory Card at $22.99

Or save yourself a few bucks and go with the SanDisk High Endurance Video Monitoring Card its at a good price right now. $18.71



Notifications are no longer working for me as well along with other issues.

Mine upgraded to the latest firmware version a couple days ago. I have confirmed in the android app that 1) the general push notifications setting is turned on, 2) each individual camera has motion, smoke, co2 alerts enabled. I have yet to receive a single notification, ever. I have yet to see anything uploaded to the cloud (which concerns me too that there doesn’t seem to be anyway to manage anything uploaded to the cloud, assuming it ever is).


The current beta version of the android app appears to have fixed this issue. For reference I’m on Android Oreo/8.0.

The fix is either become a beta user of the app to fix it today… or wait until Wyze pushes the fixes to production.

If you are an Android user, go to the Google Play store and search for Wyze or click this link (assuming you’re on your phone):

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the app page and there is a section that says “Become A Beta Tester”. Once you do that, after about a minute you should be able to upgrade to version 1.3.107. Just refresh the app page in Google Play and you should see an upgrade button.

I can confirm I now have working notifications, and they appear to be retroactive (meaning the notifications I was never seeing now appear in the app for day’s past).