New V2 Cameras working but not Push Notifications and Cloud Videos disappearing

Greetings all:

New to the community and to Wyze Cameras but very excited about the possibilities. I ordered three and they arrived yesterday. Eagerly set the first one up for testing and while it works somewhat as advertised, as others have mentioned on this forum, the push notifications feature does not work (at least with my version of Android…see below). And I woke up this morning and all of the notification videos from the day before were gone from the cloud. Supposed to be 14 day storage right?

So clearly some major bugs in the new version to be worked out. So my question is, has anyone who has experience these issues recently had any luck getting them resolved? I tried the tech support number but obviously they are slammed now that they are shipping the new version. It politely told me they couldn’t help me at this time and to please submit a ticket which I did.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this company for a whole host of reasons and am hopeful they will get the bugs out soon. And am willing to be a patient part of the community as they move forward.

I apologize if this in the wrong part of the forum…at my first glance it seemed as if the bugs category was only for Beta users…

Phone info: Alcatel Idol 5 running 7.0


Joel in Nashville

Patience, will be your test for loyalty to Wyze Cam. Yes many bugs to be sorted out. They are no doubt slammed with orders, buggy software, limited tech support, and software developers. For the price of the camera, I am willing to wait it out. If your not then something 4x the price will perhaps treat you with respect. Meanwhile use the forum to commiserate.