Disconnect IR from PAN

Can anyone confirm disconnecting the blue wires at the top of the lens board is for the IR blasters only? I have an independent IR floodlight pointed in the Pans vision range, and wanted to disconnect the IR from the Pan to avoid capturing all the insects that are drawn to the IR. On a vinyl cutter, I designed a black “donut” to block the IR. Unfortunately, after two days in the sun, the vinyl started to lift and got caught in the housing when the lens would move. I disassembled the Pan by removing the two screws from the back. Slid the cover off and with a precision screwdriver, disconnected the connector with blue wires at the top of the lens board. I dont see IR coming on anymore, so it seems that was the correct guess. I havent noticed any other functionality is impacted, but wanted to ask other users in case Im missing an adverse impact from disconnecting the connectors with blue wires. Im fully aware this work has voided the warranty. Im also aware I can disable the IR with custom firmware, but for my needs, I actually prefer to use the Wyze app and cloud/notification functions.

You should upload a picture

You dont need custom firmware, you have the option ON/OFF/AUTO for IR, just click on OFF and it wont change to IR mode in night.