New IR LED off feature

Just wanted to give my feedback on this feature. I have a few Wyze cams outdoors mounted under my eves behind the fascia board. The IR LED’s would glare off of the fascia board enough to make the cameras image difficult to see at night. With the camera set to auto and the LED’s turned off I now have a very clear image. The lighting from my porch light is plenty to be able to see clearly. This was a much needed feature. Thanks for adding it!


I have most of my Wyze cams sitting in windows and the IR won’t penetrate the glass and “blinds” the camera. I use it the same way you do and my porch lights and other ambient lighting are just enough to make a clear pic without the IR. My previous cams didn’t have this feature. It’s very useful to be able to turn off the IR lights if you need to!

I have my Pan mounted outside in a clear canister and being able to turn off the LED’s and use the external IR spot has solved my issue. Thanks to the team for this great feature.

I also find the feature to turn the IR light off really useful and helpful - thank you!