Feature Request: Ability to Switch IR Lights OFF in Night Mode [POLL]

I know I’ve seen this mentioned and not really sure where best spot for Feature Requests should go, but really want to up-vote the idea of having a switch in the app to disable the IR lights in night mode.

Night mode works great, but I’ve got a V2 mounted outside and a PanCam pointing out a window and the glare on the glass from the IR Lights makes it unusable at night. Plus it seems to draw flying insects a lot so it triggers motion alerts all night long when they fly in front of it, and sound alerts on the outside V2 from the bugs beating their wings on the camera case when they fly up to it.

I’m sure the ambient light outside would be adequate in night mode, so a software switch to disable/enable the IR on each camera would help a lot by eliminating the glare and reducing bug activity.

I tried using a cover on my V2 with some success, but not 100% - The Pan Cam - forget it. The IR lights are in the ‘eyeball’ so you can’t cover that without hindering the tilt movement.

Other than that issue, loving these cameras !!