Disable tracking

Why, when I turn off motion detection does motion tracking continue? If I’m not interested in recording an event, shouldn’t the camera stop moving too?

Asking for a friend who is considering a pan cam.

Is motion TRACKING still enabled? Or pan scan enabled still?

Uh… to be clearer… If you set a schedule to disable motion detection, the pan will still follow motion because tracking is on. Makes no sense. The camera is just be-bopping around for no reason.

Actually it makes perfect sense. I may not want notifications when I am home but I still want the camera to track motion since I am recording 24/7 to the SD card. I don’t need events when I am home but I still want the camera to follow motion.

Has nothing to do with notifications. If you turn off motion detection the camera no longer detects motion (obviously), ergo, no event video, and so there is nothing and no reason to make any notifications.

Nevermind… I just convinced my pal to turn the cameras off by schedule instead of just turning off motion detection.

It has everything to do with events. The only place to turn off motion detection is under a menu called aptly, Event Recording. Coincidentally the only thing you get Notifications on are events. Following so far?

So I don’t want my cameras notifying me or creating events or event driven cloud videos when I am home. So I turn off motion/sound detection which stops those events being created and as a consequence does not create a notification. Still with me?

Now I do still want motion to be tracked and recorded to my SD card while I am home on my Pan camera even with Detect Motion/Sound off. So from the live view of the camera I select More, and turn motion tracking on.

And voila! It works! Even with motion detection turned off! So I won’t create the event videos and I won’t get notifications about them but my camera will still follow and record anything moving.

Not everyone uses an SD card.

Agreed but that’s why Wyze made both approaches possible. Those that do use them are happy, and those that don’t are happy.

You can turn off motion detection via a schedule - not just where you said. And that’s the point of the question… If you set a schedule to stop motion detection, why does the pan cam still track motion…

Yes you can use a schedule for that, and for other things as well. But the schedule is just toggling the same physical setting on the camera you select.

Again everything I said before applies even if you are NOT using a SD card. The settings you are referring to ONLY affect Events. You need to also turn it off on the “More” menu from Live View if you really want it off.

Or use the expedient you already chose, turn the camera off.

You know it strikes me that others may also see value in a way to turn ALL motion tracking off through a schedule. You might consider making this a #wishlist item?

In the case of my pal, he’s just going to turn the cameras off when he gets them set up.

And I’ve seen the response wishlists get - even some with thousands of votes. That’s why we can view our cameras on our desktop computers and our videos are being sent to our NASs… Oh, wait, that’s not happening.

I understand, still some of the Wishlist items do become reality so it can’t hurt. I do believe your thought has merit that’s why I suggested it.

The wishlist is by no means a sure route to adoption but Wyze does pay attention to it.

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I think this is just an issue of confusing semantics. “Motion detection” in the app actually refers to recording events based on motion detection. If you turn it off, it will no longer record events based on moiton detection. That doesn’t mean the camera no longer has any idea whether motion is happening or not.

You still might be streaming your video live via the app or RTSP firmware, without “motion detection” events, and you might want to see the camera TRACK motion. You also might be continuously recording to the SD card and want to see the camera TRACK motion. So they’d be separate features that can be independently turned on or off.

Have you looked at the roadmap section, or only the wishlist section? When Wyze starts working on wishlist items, they get moved to the roadmap section. Therefore, everything in the wishlist is, by definition, not implemented. Lots of things have been implemented.