Motion notification without panning

For the most part the camera will be stationary or moved manually.
During this time I’d like to still get motion notifications within the camera’s view without it tracking and moving.

Is that possible? Kind of like a stationary camera.

I’d use the pan feature when I’m away from home.

Yes, many people do this already. If Motion Tracking and Pan Scan are turned off, then the camera functions as you described. Please see the link below for addtional informtion on the cameras. :slight_smile:

Wyze Cam Users Guide

Thanks DPR,

When I had the Motion Tagging enabled it appeared to activate the pan/tilt functions. I’ll test that again.

Motion Tagging and Motion Tracking are separate things.
Motion Tagging can be on and the camera will be stationary .
What you want, like said, is Motion Tracking and Pan Scan off

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Thanks, yes, it appears to be working. Thanks for your help, guys