How to enable Pan Scan & Motion Tracking only when Motion Detection toggled on?

Feature request (TLDR):

Can Pan and Motion tracking be added as a toggle within the motion detection toggle? Similar to detection zone being an option.


Additional Background:

This may be a feature request or perhaps there is a way to make this work that I haven’t thought of. I tried reading through the forums to see if there is a solution or feature request and couldn’t find one. If it is already addressed please point me towards it so I can add this as a comment to existing topic. I included more information than usual because I am new to Wyze (3 days) so if I am doing something wrong y’all can catch it :slight_smile:

The scenario:

I have my Wyze Cam Pan in my living room and using IFTTT I turn on motion detection when I am out of the house. I have to manually turn on pan scan and motion tracking when I need it though.

The issue:

I don’t want the pan sounds and motion tracking when I am home. I only want it (and absolutely love this feature) when I’m out of home.


From what I have learned using the app for 3 days, the primary way to trigger the motion detection is to enable motion detection in the app. This is also how i trigger it on IFTTT using the location trigger. However, with a Cam Pan I also want it to Scan and do motion tracking when i turn on motion detection. My logical process: I don’t want the sound/noise and added movement of the camera when I am home. I do want it when i have motion detection turned on when I am out of the house.

Workaround I may have to use in the meantime: Use Wemo socket to turn on camera when i leave home and just leave scanning, tracking, and motion detection on in app all the time. Trying to eliminate the need to turn it off and on so often though.


I second this request. Would love to be able to turn on/off pan via IFTTT the same as motion detection.

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I concur… Have the exact same issue. Clever workaround btw.

I fourth this request - I want my cameras to constantly be on and recording, but not do motion tracking unless motion detection is on so as not to creep out my guests. Today I have to go into each individual camera (four of them) to get to where I can disable motion tracking. This could be accomplished by a new setting that states “Enable/disable motion tracking when motion detection is enabled/disabled” or at least make it an IFTTT available “that” action so I can handle it within my location based IFTTT “this” trigger.

Fifth on this one. I can’t have them in the house right now. Too creepy. Would be great when we are out enabled and disabled with IFTTT.

Or what about being able to specify pan locations from IFTTT? I would really like the ability to have the cameras look inside and pan and scan when I am away, but look outside when I am home.

Found this thread searching for a solution to this also, looks like a fix has not been developed yet.

Right now my solution is just to turn the camera OFF when I’m home, both when my security system is DISARMED and armed HOME, and then turn the cameras ON when it is armed AWAY. This is not ideal as I really want the camera recording 24/7, but only doing the tracking when the system is armed AWAY.