Direct access to SD card with download ability

It seems very silly to have to pull the SD card from the device to retrieve the videos. or having to record the timeline to get a file to share.


Current recording of a video clip to local storage of the device running the app has two issues:

  1. It is in real time so you have to sit there and wait for it to record.

  2. The video not the original video stored on the card, but the steamed version. The quality of that video is affected by the network conditions.

Both of those are really annoying shortcomings!

It would be great if the app would let you mark the beginning and end of the recorded video and then just copy the original footage from the SD card to the app’s local storage instead of streaming it in real time.

Please please make this happen.


I would like an additional choice under either the gear icon or the three dots that would allow simple access to the videos stored on installed memory cards.

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Any chance to be available soon?

Hi @eslam.3andala. This topic is tagged, “maybe-later”. If it changes to “researching”, then it is on Wyze’s radar. :slight_smile:


I really wish to be able to download timelapse directly to PC. Right now in order to download timelapse onto my phone, I need to first try to download the video in the app. And if it displays “Not in the same wifi network” error, I have to restart the phone and try again. Not only I need to make sure not to switch the app and close the phone screen during the downloading process, but I also need to make sure the download process is uninterrupted until it finishes. Because I think it will stop downloading once the app detects a change in the wifi network, which doesn’t make sense when I’m always connected to the same wifi network.

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I think it’s pretty clear at this point they’re pushing their web cloud as the solution and have no intention of implementing this basic feature. Thank you everyone for posting here. I really liked the camera quality and everything else, but I’ll be returning it since getting the SD cards into the camera is hard enough. I don’t want to have yank out the card every time there’s something I want to download.

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Updates on this? One of the only reason I still use wyze cams over other cameras is the flexibility of the cameras. Like having RTSP (which seems like they may not support anymore really) seems like a lot of people want this, but think they are more focused on new products than keeping the current customers happy.

Crazy that this simple basic feature still doesn’t exist, whether via ftp or SMB. Just came up in a thread at The app is a piece of crap, and so are the camera’s networking capabilities - #68 by Customer

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2 years and still nothing? I’ve been waiting for this and sped up replay for years

Big, big bIg update coming on June 23rd @9am…Suggest you don’t get your panties in a wad until you have had a chance to see what they’ve done.

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Eastern or Pacific time? :grinning:

Pacific, they’re based in Seattle

You’ve seen it, and it’s big, big, big?? As Big as Monkey itself??

At least as big as ‘big monkey’ sees himself… Of course, there’s always inflation :balloon:

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Okay … But somehow I don’t see a big big big announcement as “now we support downloading from your SD card!!!”


Agreed! :smile:

With the all the drama of a full black out screen with countdown clock on the Wyze home page, I’m hoping for a new Version Three app with at least 1) dark mode, 2) instant Android alerts, 3) downloading from SD card, 4) a very granular grid based detection zone system, plus a few goodies I haven’t thought of yet.

But also seeing the small umbrella icon on the countdown page, all I’m preparing for is the ability to give them money for the weather resistant camera that we have already seen pictures of in the forum… :expressionless:


Yes. CMC trials aside, volume shipping of hardware is where their money is. I wouldn’t expect anything new about the app…


Aw shucks, y’all are skeptics


Might the recent unchacteristic staff silence on these boards be signaling a legally-required period be observed pending big big big?

Active, underinformed minds speculate, it’s a law of nature.

Especially when smacked with the big big coy.


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