Can Wyze take accountability for extremely delayed notifications?

Hard to say, there are at least three threads like this on the forum and to my recollection no staff member has chimed in.

Seems reasonable to tag @WyzeGwendolyn , though. Maybe they could get a definitive response from the devs?

(They are, from my experience, a very good and capable person and I have high hopes they will come through for us on this. :wink: )

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Glad to hear your experience is the same that I have seen. I have been testing the battery usage to see if there is a difference, compared to my iPhone (which has a bigger battery). I have noticed minimal impact to the Pixel 4’s battery usage. After about 9 hours, the Pixek 4 had approx. 60% remaining. where the iphone had upper 70’s, approx. 78%.

Last night, I turned Adaptive Battery on again to see if that would impact anything. There has been no change to the notifications, still receiving them as expected - quickly. My battery use after 9 Hours is as follows: Pixel 4 82% remaining, iPhone 72% remaining. Cannot explain why there is a such a difference, but will monitor for a few more days to see if this is consistent.

Maybe the adaptive Battery does work as advertised.

I have been in contact with Wyze on this issue in the recent past. I get a good felling that they are working on a solution to the notification issue, but need to ensure it is corrected for the masses and not just a few Android Phones.

I have enrolled in the Beta test program to test the app to see if the problem is resolved or not. If not, I can simply run the ADB command as well. I have also let Wyze know that I would be glad to do some Alpha testing to see if the issue is resolved.

One item to keep in mind, this issue is not solely a Wyze issue, it does also happen with Google and other apps as well. I believe that the issue is more related to Android, but there are a few items Wyze could potentially look at to reduce the issues.

In addition, Android 11 is coming, which could either fix this issue or introduce other issues.

Wyze responded to one of my emails as follows:

We appreciate you sharing this feedback with us. We actually tried this not a long time ago as a workaround for not receiving notification issues. What we found out is that this does not apply to most Android users. Regarding the whitelist that is something new to me and I’ll have our engineering check this ticket.

If I hear anything else, I will let you know

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Thanks for the update. I’ve had Adaptive Battery turned ON with no ill effects. I have Battery Optimization for the Wyze Beta app turned OFF, though it says in the settings that it isn’t using battery in the background anyway. My testing after a reboot, which re-enables doze (deviceidle) implied that the Wyze Beta app does not fix the problem. The only thing that works for me is disabling deviceidle with ADB.

My battery life is essentially the same as before I disabled deviceidle.

Unrelated: Using ADB also allowed me to install Clip Stack for a multi-clipboard. Android 10 killed that option for all the clipboard managers, but ADB allows one to set permissions so Clip Stack works. Same thing for Join by joaoapps, which allows clipboard sharing between Android and a PC/Mac if, and only if, you set certain permissions via ADB.

Yea - My Battery Optimization is off as well. My experience is the exact same as yours. Good to hear… :slight_smile:

I will need to take a look at Clip Stack, Have not used that before.

thanks for the heads up.

For the impatient, “Doze Buster” is currently in the PlayStore with Kanji interface

For the patient, a teaser in another thread…

This app disables the Android battery saving feature Doze, which increases battery power consumption.

Use this if you really want to avoid Doze.

The Doze feature added from Android 6 is a great feature that saves battery power. However, it is a very troublesome function if there is a process that you want to keep running in the background.

This app avoids the Doze (slumber) by waking the terminal periodically.

You can also check if the Doze function is working by recording a log.

If you want to disable Doze function, tap “Doze Buster Start”.

If you want to know if the Doze function is working, turn on “Record Doze Log”.

  • In Android10, the log that entered Doze is output, but it actually behaves as if it is running continuously.

Soooooooooooooooddddd, you da man, brakin’ on thru to the other side. I may start to rethink my agnosticism if you do this two or three more times… :slight_smile:

I personally stay away from apps which have minimal or no review and in a language outside of the US or one I cannot read or understand. I may be overly cautious here. :slight_smile:

I have seen other apps, which I have not loaded and will not say it is something you should load. But it is called AntiDozed and is also on the app store and cost 99 cents. If you opt to try it, please note: I do not sanction or recommend this, just providing an alternative to what is stated above.

I personally will continue to use the ADB command as stated above. It has worked for me and continue to work with minimal to no battery impact.


Methinks you are sensibly sane! :+1:

I just couldn’t resist when I saw it - no reviews, in a language I can’t understand, even using characters I can’t read - yeah, it’s gotta be safe - I wonder what the TOS looks like? :rofl: The only thing normal was that it was actually in the PlayStore. :slightly_smiling_face:

Using ADB to work around this Wyze notification issue is the only sure way to go.

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This is why I’m always odd-boy-out in tech boy snuggle cuddle. I get sloppy if not fully engaged.

Sorry for my delay! And thanks for tagging me in.

This is something that we’ve been discussing and poking at at Wyze. The ADB results are very interesting to me and I’ll make sure to pass them along to the team. :slight_smile:


Minor tidbit: I installed Android 11 Beta 1.5 on my Pixel 4. It didn’t fix the delayed notification issue (I had no reason to think that it would), but it didn’t break anything either. With ADB to disable deviceidle and with the other phone settings described elsewhere in this thread, notifications are nearly instantaneous. I also tested it without the ADB trick; i.e., I rebooted. The result was the same as for Android 10. Again, no surprise there.

So two good things came out of all of this. First, ADB can give us nearly instant notifications. Second, enabling the Wyze app (Beta for me) to override Do Not Disturb works! The latter isn’t a surprise either. I just didn’t think of it so I’m glad @spamoni4 suggested it.

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That is good news. Been holding off on Android 11 Beta. I will look into it as well.

Glad the ADB command works in Android 11 and we can still get instant notifications.

Also - I tested again with the new Beta release, and the Notification are coming, on average, every 10 minutes as well. I am on Android 10.

I’ve been having this problem for several months, does everything right to try to get notification send promptly but to no avail. The app’s support report does not work for me either. Not sure when this will be fixed

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The issue appears to be an Android issue with the DOZE mode and not being on a charger for an extended period of time. When this happens, your notifications will be delayed for a period of time as the phone is a Deep Doze mode. If it is on a charger or unlocked, you should not be experiencing the delayed notification issues. I know, from my conversations with Wyze, that they are trying to correct this for the majority of Android phones and not just a few. The delay issue happens on other apps, not just Wyze, such as Google Gmail.

I, as you, tried many things and the only option with seems to correct it for me and others is to run the ADB Command as described earlier in this post. Once you run the command on your phone (Make sure you follow the steps), you will start receiving immediate notifications from Wyze and the other apps. For me, there does not appear to be any additional battery drain as other have indicated.

In my experience with my Pixel 4 and without the ADB Command, I experience an average of 10 minute delays between notifications.


While I agree with you doze mode is the cause of this issue, not all apps are impacted by it, SmartThings being one of them and even blink app is fine too.

Gmail on the other hand has this impact to me, but not as delayed as Wyze it seems because Gmail will try to update itself in certain period of time, even in doze mode.

Don’t know much about how apps can bypass doze mode but I’m pretty sure there are apps that do it.

Does your ADB command disable doze mode?

I agree that not all apps are affected. My Arlo and Eufy cams are not. In my research, there are some options to aid in telling Android to, in effect, bypass Doze mode. But this is not the normal process when developing the apps. I am a developer as well. Wyze has indicated that they are working on a solution, which I am confident they will, but needs to be something which works on most Android phones with the different modifications.

The ADB Command “adb shell dumpsys deviceidle disable” Disables Light and Deep Doze. Do not get confused by the Active indicator on another line item if you run the command to see what is there. This is explained above as well. If you run the “adb shell dumpsys deviceidle” command and check under the whitelist section you will see the 2 settings saying enabled. Once you run the command, you will see those will change to Disabled, it will also tell you that when the command is run.

Jeffkey and I have been testing this and both of us have had positive results when running the command. I now get notified within 30 seconds or less from all of the apps which have been experiencing issues, including Wyze.


I’m not sure how willing I am to go the ADB route, as it sounds fairly involved, and should not be necessary. I really wish WYZE would get to the bottom of this already, as I wouldn’t consider Samsung and Pixel owners a “small” group of Android users affected. And while some apps may have a similar issue, Facebook messenger and Google hangouts for instance push through just fine while locked and off a charger. Not to mention the comments that other competitive cam manufacturers seem to have pulled off what WYZE seemingly cannot.
New features like the emergency call service (and now the outdoor cams) are pretty pointless without timely notifications. My delays, like others, with everything set correctly to avoid the app dozing can be up to an hour or more if my phone is idle… which is really poor. Come on WYZE, PLEASE! I’m pretty invested in your stuff already, but this is a real problem here.
Not to be snarky, but seeing the headline for the new outdoor cam that reads “The Wait is Over” isn’t fair to us that have long been ignored while we wait for over an hour for actual notifications, and that this long standing problem is acknowledged, addressed and solved.


You’ll get no argument from me!

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Fair? We’ve got a category for that!


Uh, sorry, no we don’t. :woman_shrugging: :slightly_frowning_face:

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