Direct access to SD card with download ability

I shall take that as permission to proceed… :grinning:

Are you suggesting that Amazon will acquire Wyze and reel the whole school of wayward fishes back into the mother river?

Just as long as they implement direct SD card download access!! :grinning:


Maybe. coy

Ok. Add this to the mix. We order 12 cans of reduced-mercury tuna from Amazon, right? They send us 24 bags of boneless salmon! And tell us to keep it, no charge! What does that tell ya??

Do I have to spell it out for you??

They’re feeling FLUSH knowing how the moogamoogasynergies are just gonna BLAST Wyzamon to the MOOOOOOONNNNNNN!!

eVERYBODY wINS1! :chart_with_upwards_trend: :bar_chart: :chart:

:confetti_ball: :grin: :confetti_ball:

Now, if image ‘s all :zipper_mouth_face: we know we’ve :fishing_pole_and_fish: somethin’…

:notes: I - want - di-rect S-D  :kissing_cat:

(think Dire Straits)

I know the ‘Coy’ intimately I might add… But the ‘Gusterbubbler’ is much more effective in attention gathering…

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Best ye knot bee worryin 'bout the Tuna (or the mercury)))))

Maybe, possibly, within the realm of plausible deniability… But of course

Boy I hope you guys don’t get scolded for having fun.


There’s a definite subversive element if this forum… which makes it worth visiting… :grin:


Ask me the temp, I can tell you in the blink of an eye… :wink:

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During these times you have to be creative

Subversive? Did someone say subversive?? Is that a political thing

Of course. You just have to avoid those trying to leave something unpleasant in the punch bowl and keep talking about Wyze. :slight_smile:

OK wiseguy what does the temperature 640°F mean to me

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You caught me. I blinked. :grin:

It means nothing to me absolutely nothing… I miss typed, it should’ve read 674°F and sunny so we were talking about mercury as it applies to levels in Koi (which you spelled Wrong) mercury boils at 674°F so although I didn’t catch you I certainly did muddle the waters for you

Can’t you accept that you caught me, you caught me, I’m in your jaws… I realize now, it, has, always, been, my…DESTINY!

And… Scene!


I need a bigger pole if I’m going to catch things like you

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I think perhaps you two need a room…

Oh really, wait a sec… aW shucks, I just got recalled