Direct access to SD card with download ability

Expurgation. No room required. :slight_smile:

Validate parking?

Now with the outside V2 camera coming this becomes more important I feel. Mounting an outside camera in remote area with SD card… need ability to copy & delete video captures e.g. person motion videos

Stay tuned grasshopper, more dribbles of tech know-how are coming

The new outdoor camera does not record any events to its SD card, ever. So the point is moot.

Customer if you head was not so far up your sandy spot, you would realize that it could not function as an anywhere camera under that premise…

First, you’re wrong. Unlike the regular Wyzecams, the WCO does not support using that SD card for storing motion events. They are stored only on the base station SD card. The camera SD card stores only on-demand and scheduled recordings.

Second, what’s with the unwarranted, baseless personal attack.

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Who knows, there is so much misinformation up here sometimes it happens that I hit the send button to quickly… Was really just venting I suppose because they didn’t deliver what we all thought they would.

Words can never be recovered but for what it’s worth, :speak_no_evil:

Another vote for accessing the SD card remotely. Because when I remove it, I have to hope the camera recognizes it when I put it back. Usually it takes resetting and powering down the camera a few times, and I expect at some point it just won’t work at all anymore.

When I click “Record” when viewing playback it should transfer at the fastest rate the network will allow instead of second by second which is time consuming.

I want to pull all the video recorded to my Wyze Cam SD card from the last 24 hours without it taking hours. I need it for monitoring continuing by-law violations by neighbour who is regularly breaching conditions set on his business. This would be a gateway to solve many other requests as once on a phone it can be transferred to a PC , etc., to edit the video (change speed, zoom in, etc.)

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I would expect that if viewing in real time 20fps and you hit the record button it should mimic that which you see on the screen

That is correct but is not what I was asking.
It should be simple for the Wyze development tea to do a rapid transfer of what is on the Wyze Cam SD card to a mobile phone without laborious second by second, frame by frame transfer.
But thanks for the suggestion, Big_monkey.

Well yes, it should be, but they never provided such a way which is why this thread and others like it exist…

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Understood, thank you

Please make the videos you allow us to record more easily USABLE, should be a top priority. Your minute by minute storage process is fine for optimizing your data flow. However, from the user’s perspective, making people either use the app and WATCH hours of video to be able to EXTRACT hours of video to record, is silly. No need for it to be a 1:1 ratio for export time. You need a tool that says, starting August 6th at 5pm, and ending August 6th at 1130pm, export to one file (preferably with an MP4 format that is universally used, not one that requires VLC to work). THAT would make the Wyze product line much more useful.


Not sure if it’s been asked for before, but a file explorer for the app to pull videos off the SD card without having to remove the SD card would be amazing.

Additionally some quick/hot links to events when using constant recording would be fabulous!


I am going to make a bet that Wyze will never allow direct remote access to the SD card as if they did it would directly conflict with their cloud storage which gives them continued revenue. Doesn’t matter how many cameras you sell, it matters how many subscribers you keep. So I have an alternative request that still flies in the face of a subscription based income model but allows opportunity for big money.

Create a Wyze NVR that’s RAID 1 with 2 TB of storage so you can record all your video to it but to mitigate the need for high throughput, record the video to SD card and then once the recording is complete upload it to the NAS. This will eliminate quality issues from poor network latency and allow you to record longer videos that the 15 seconds you get for motion.
With how cheap the cameras are and how good they are I personally would pay good money for this. I need more storage than 14 days. I need 6 months on one camera cause sometimes I don’t notice something is missing for weeks cause its an expensive tool I don’t use much so I want to be able to go back and yes review 6 months of video to find out where my $100 tool went to.
Then make it accessible for us to pull the video files from this NVR to our own storage should we want longer video storage.
I’m probably going to get flogged for throwing this out there because it wouldnt be free but honestly with how cheap these cameras are, I doubt Wyze has made much if anything off of them. Pretty sure they’re banking on subscriptions.


Yeah they nearly did that once already.

Posting here to ask how on earth this isn’t a feature yet with the stock fw… just enable FTP/SFTP/SSH/SMB/whatever you already have built in and call it a day; we don’t need anything fancy…

As a new user on the platform, the current lack of ability to fast-forward or otherwise quickly review saved video in the built in app is shockingly bad. All you have to do is give us local access to the video you’re already saving and then we can use whatever PC apps we want to review and archive footage…