Different mini SD card problem

A 32gb mini-SD card will not work in my new Wyze Cam Pan (I get the SD card not installed message) but works in my older Wyze Cam. An older 1gb mini-SD card that I was using in the Wyze Cam works in the new Wyze Cam Pan. I prefer to use the 32gb card in the Cam Pan. Both cameras have the newest updates installed. I have read and tried all the instructions and help comments regarding this issue including reinstalling the Wyze Cam Pan but nothing worked.

Try formatting that SD card in the older Wyze Cam, and then move it to the Wyze Cam Pan.

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Thank you for the response. I did try that but it didn’t help.

Update: The 32gb card that I installed in the Wyze Cam was unable to View Playback. There was no timeline and the screen was black. The 1gb mini-SD card that I installed in the Pan Cam played the View Playback. I installed the 32gb card in another device and I was able to view all the View Playback clips. About 6gb of them. I then formatted the card and installed it back into the Pan Cam and receive the “no disk installed” error message. Also there was no dinging sound made after the installation. The 32gb card was shipped with the Pan Cam and has the Wyze symbol on it.

It sounds like you need to request a replacement card from Wyze.

Keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, please file a Support Request. Depending on the nature of the problem, rather than use the previous website link, it is helpful to submit an App Log and/or a Firmware Log.

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I’m new to this forum. I don’t understand your reply “Keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user to user community.” Was my posting a problem about my mini-SD card inappropriate? I see that others have posted their problems here and don’t receive this response.

That reply usually comes when we users can’t help, and you may need hardware replacement.

@newshound is correct. When we (the forum moderators) feel a forum member’s issue can’t be resolved any other way, we recommend contacting Wyze support with their problem. Forum moderators are not Wyze employees; we’re volunteers. :slight_smile:

I only had my question posted for a few hours when you posted that. I was hoping that other members would offer a solution to the problem. The camera and SD card were new. I was anxious to get it working. You offered a suggestion that I had already tried and it didn’t work. After I acknowledged this you shut me down. As other forum strings with camera problems run for months I feel as if you singled me out to discredit my post.

He was simply trying to help you get a resolution to your problem.

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I’m sorry you feel that way. Anyone else is free to contribute to this thread if they feel they have a solution. I didn’t close your post. I merely recommended what I felt was the best course of action for you considering what I read, and based on my experience with the cameras and SD cards. I just re-read this thread several times, and it’s still my recommendation to contact support to get a SD card replacement. Wyze’s SD cards are warranted for one year.

I had this same problem with the Wyze cam and finally solved it by shutting down the Wyze App completely and restarting it.
It didn’t recognise the SanDisk 32 Gb card until I cycled the Wyze App.
Just removing the card and inserting back in didn’t solve the issue.
Once the App recognised the SD card it formatted as it should and continues to do so.
SanDisk cards have a reputation for being finicky, but I think this may be a bug in the software.

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After trying every possible combination I could think of to activate the Wyze 32GB card I gave up and returned it to Amazon and ordered a SanDisk 32GB Ultra mini-SD card. It arrived today and I installed it in the Wyze CamPan. So far (2 hours in) it works as it should. I even made a short time lapse video and it downloaded correctly. Side note: I made a time lapse recording simultaneously on my WyzeCam using a working SD card and it said file not available when I tried to open it.

Yeah, hopefully the time lapse “file not found” problem will be fixed in the next release. In the meantime you can still get to the time lapse video using a PC.

Sorry to tell you this but SanDisk will not warranty the Ultra 32GB micro cards used in surveillance cameras. I have one that went readonly and I cannot not remove the video files to even try to warranty.

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I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
It’s currently $7.99 on Amazon Prime with one day shipping and includes an adapter.

I have the same problem… I was using a 1 gig card … they said it was too big.
Now using a 32 mbps (scan disk)
Sill no recordings or playback.
What other brands, could be used?

WYZE sells a 32GB micro SD card.

A similar problem here.
Just received five V2 cams directly from Wyze.
Three out of five won’t recognize high-endurance samsung 32gb cards, formatted FAT32.
All cards work just fine on the PC.
I’ve re-booted the malfunctioning cameras multiple times, even re-flashed the firmware, re-installed the app, removed and re-inserted the cards, deleted and re-added the cameras…
All the same. Those 3 cameras won’t recognize the memory cards through the app yet somehow are capable of re-flashing their firmware from the same slots/cards.

I ordered 1 wyze mem card. To see if that makes a diff.