Did anyone lose all their events?

First off… I have a Wyze Cam V2 with internal SD card. I have the monthly cloud subscription. iOS app 2.9.

My home has a combination of Nest and a Wyze camera. I use Wyze to zoom in at a distance at specific point, and Nest for wide angle coverage.

Today I detected some activity on Nest that I wanted to investigate on Wyze. However, when I loaded the Wyze app, I was greeted with a popup that said my camera firmware needed to be updated. I chose to ignore this message, and tried to access my Events and stored footage.

To my chagrin, all previous events are gone. So even within the last 14 days… nothing. Worse, when I tried to access my camera directly to view footage… again nothing (I couldn’t access old data).

I decided to power cycle the camera and then install the firmware update. Also checked the iOS app to be v 2.9.

After logging into the app… I can only see footage and events recorded AFTER the update. All activity dating back to late March is gone prior to the update.

Did anyone else lose Event and stored footage lately? Was there an update pushed to cameras recently that rendered them inactive without the client firmware being updated?

Sorry, I did not loose any footage, but WYZE products are known for destroying footage on your card or the entire card like happened to me twice.


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Does it destroy footage in the cloud too? I can’t tell if my camera was just completely non functional or if the footage itself was stored then wiped.

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No it doesn’t destroy cloud footage, my guess is the cam had stopped recording events for some reason, I would recommend what I told you in the other thread about doing the daily restart.

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Yeah, I just activated that rule… but it doesn’t help me get the footage from earlier today.

Wyze support told me they do not recommend using their camera for security purposes since they didn’t intend the device to be reliable to the extent an end user would rely on it for security footage.

Overall very frustrated in this experience since the one time I need the camera… it doesn’t come through.

But that shouldn’t be something we should have to do. This is just another workaround for a product that’s not functioning correctly. Instead of developing a scale fix the products that you have so they function correctly. Then once the products you have function correctly then make something new. It’s not rocket science people

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And again, a daily scheduled reboot is masking a more serious issue.

These cameras can’t be trusted. I don’t know about the lock or sensors, but I have read enough gripes to form an opinion.

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Yeah I think it’s funny that @rbruceporter private messaged me out of to nowhere to tell me I’m getting negative. I told him the whole forums are getting more negative. He said it was just me and he doesn’t see it.

Wellll… Yes they are. People are starting to see these products are failing. They’re being sold without being finished. The customer service is going downhill. Shipping is slow. So yeah people are getting negative and more and more negative. The only people that aren’t are the ones that have their head so far up Wyze that they can’t see the truth. And all Wyze offers is a workaround instead of an actual fix or you’re ignored.


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@holeydonut, did your footage ever come back? And is this footage that you previously verified was available through the app before it disappeared or is it possible that the footage hadn’t been uploaded originally?