Device specific notifications snooze/pause/cooldown

MOD NOTE: The ability to snooze notification for all devices has been implemented as described here: Pause (snooze) notifications for user-chosen period. This request is asking for that ability on a device-by-device basis. Title has been edited for search clarity.

Complete Motion Capture (Mod Note: CMC service has been renamed “Cam Plus”) has been a blessing and a curse. The curse has been that I’m getting notifications overload. I’ve got a Wyze Cam in the garage and I’m getting notifications sometimes several times per minute. For example, when returning home from the grocery store, I will trigger multiple events and accompanying notifications:

  1. The garage door opens, and car pulls in.
  2. Person walks from car to inside door.
  3. Person returns to car to get more groceries from trunk of car.
  4. Person returns to car to get more groceries from trunk of car.
  5. Person returns to car to get more groceries from trunk of car.
  6. A few minutes later the garage door light goes out - yes this triggers a motion event too.

To top it all off I’ve got a PIR sensor pointing at the front driveway, so that too triggers notifications as the car pulls into the driveway and a person walks to/from the mailbox at the end of the driveway. I realize limiting notifications for multiple devices may not be desireable.

Can we get a user-adjustable per-device notification cool down period? Not for events, just notifications - perhaps an adjustment where it will limit notifications to one per 1, 2, 3 or 5-minute period.

Here’s an example of the notifications I now receive - and this is just for one camera.

Must be something to do with the motion capture with the camera. Because I have motion sensors setup in a few locations and I don’t get notifications like that at all I get a notification of movement. And I get a notification when it’s clear. That’s it. So just 2 notifications.

The stand alone motion sensors are better with false positives, and I do believe they have a cool-down period of when motion is no longer detected. Plus, you have an optional notification when the sensor becomes clear - I leave that notification off since 99% of my sensor triggers are a minute or less.

Here’s another sample of notifications overload from the camera as my wife got home from the grocery store:

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Yikes glad I don’t have motion detection on my cameras set like that. that is crazy

Did you turn down the sensitivity for motion to see if that would cut down on all of the notifications. Or do you want to sensitivity up high for your other every day activities?

I want sensitivity high enough so I could catch any small animal in addition to dogs that may try to enter through the dog door.

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That’s a decision that needs to be made, you want less notifications, but want your devices to be very sensitive, which in turn increases notifications. You mentioned motion sensor, which does have a 45 clear time once motion that it detects is clear. Does your doggy door have a place you could put a contact sensor? So that it alerts when the door is opened.

I don’t have CMC, but instead could you keep CMC activated, but turn off it’s notifications. And install contact sensors in the garage door or service door so that you’d get alerted when people get home or when atleast the door opens. Then based on those you can go into the CMC or SD card footage to investigate the trigger. It’ll cut down on your notifications atleast.

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I’m a little confused. My Wyze Cam has a 5 min cool down period before it will send me a new notification. I came here to request notifications more often. Does CMC allow notification more often than every 5 min. Wyze told me that the 5 min cool down was not adjustable.

CMC is Complete Motion Capture to the cloud. It’ll record all motion, for the duration of the motion to the cloud. If you don’t have CMC enabled in a camera, it will only take a 12 sec triggered clip every 5 minutes and upload it to the cloud.

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I get that, But from mjc775’s post it appears that CMC will also send Notifications more often than every 5 min, correct? If so, that may solve my problem. Of course, it will cost me a little money but…

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I don’t have CMC, but I know that CMC eliminates the 5 min wait, or cool down. The cool down is only for the free cloud service, 12 secs clip, 5 min cool down.


Here is another issue that. Outdoor benefit from notifications… I’m using my cam at a window and when it’s raining the drips of water running down cause continued notifications. So suppressing them with a tap 5min, 10min, etc., would be a great fix rather than going into settings and disable them and then forget to turn back on.

Ideally, events that occur in a specified window would also be grouped. So we could say, group events that occur within 1 minute of each other and only send notifications every 15 minutes as long as events continue to occur within a group. There should also be an exception that if a different type of motion is detected, it would trigger a new alert. So if rain / wind triggers a series of “complete motion detected” events, detecting something like a person would trigger a new notification.

Here is how I have framed the request: Could we add a feature to the Wyze app to inhibit notifications when I’ve already received several in a minute or two? Basically if my neighbor (or me coming and going a few times collecting things from the car) is busily walking back-and-forth in front of my camera, I can be spammed with 20 notifications in just a few minutes. It would be nice to get a notification throttle: then, I do know there’s activity… but, I don’t need to suppress the app entirely. Also, Apple products like iPhone and iPad already have a mechanism to limit notification spamming from apps, but its operation is sporadic and not reliable. I have my cameras tuned already, with proper specificity and sensitivity, to pick up desired motion, person, and car events. The actual event notifications I’m getting are correct, I just don’t need to be notified more than “X, so many times in Y, a desired period”, to be user set in the app. Thank you.


I 100% agree with this request. Since installing Doorbell Pro I get notifications back to back to back to back non-stop. It is currently set for “vehicle” and “person” detection only. Situation: UPS Delivery.

Truck drives up, notification, driver gets out, notification, driver pushes doorbell, notification, driver walks back to truck, notification, truck drives off, notification. 5 notifications in under 60 seconds is insane. And that’s with only 2 detection settings!

God forbid we bring in the groceries - Record of 15 notifications in 2 minutes!

I’d love to see a cooldown for each device of 1-5 minutes.

Timeout for push notifications

There needs to be a time out adjustment for push notifications. If I’m working in my driveway it’s annoying to receive notifications every minute of a person detected. Especially since I have it tied in with Alexa and anyone in the house every minute hears Person on Driveway.

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yeah this is so annoying. I mean first of all just put in a default of no more than 1 notification every minute because nobody needs more than that but much better would be to have the choice of how many minutes per camera. I’ve got some places where I’d want the notifications to be every few hours, for example.

Is anything like this on the roadmap? I couldn’t find it…