Device Preview: device offline


I setup 5 v2 cameras on a vacation home.

All cameras are online, but on the device grouping/preview screen, one camera shows as device offline every time and does not refresh. The camera is online because of I click on said camera, I can view the feed real time.

I have
Restarted that camera remotely.
Cleared cache on the Wyze app

(I do not want to remove/reinstall Wyze app I case I loose something. The cameras are 500 miles away)

How do I update/change the preview to show a feed instead of just “device offline”.

Did you try to just update the app to 2.23.21 ? whichever one you are using.

I had that as well swip down the page and mine updated

Hi. Sorry for the inconvenience. What is your App version? If the App is up-to-date (v2.23.21) and the cameras are still offline, please PM me the MAC of your offline devices. Thank you very much.

Android wyze app 2.23.21 (latest update)
IOS phone also experiencing the same issue on same camera.
All cameras have the latest FW update

PMing Mac address.

Ugh. Can’t figure out how to PM.
Here is the Mac: 2CAA8E518E49

Tried to swipe at the Device grouping/preview page.
Nothing happens.

Opened the camera view itself and tried swiping as well. Camera shows live feed,
no issues but does not refresh the “preview” screen.

Here’s the layout

Device groupname:
-cam1 (live feed preview)
-cam2 (live feed preview)
-cam3 (live feed preview)
-cam4 (live feed preview)
-cam5 (preview shows: device offline)

We have the same version as yours and we have no issue…go power cycle your cameras first and see if they auto connect back,if not power cycle your router,then cameras

I have power cycled the camera multiple times.
Unfortunately, since this is a remote site, I am unable to power cycle the router at this time.

So you can’t do a remote sign in,we have all of our sites we can

Also you did the remote power cycle which is completely different

Thank you so much for the MAC number. We are going to find the root cause and fix this issue. If you don’t mind, when you can access the camera, could you get the SD card log from your offline V2 and send the TUTK_log_xxx.txt file to I will really appreciate that!

To get the SD card log, you can pop out the SD card and re-insert it into the camera. After two chime sound you can take out the SD card. On a PC/Mac with a SD card adapter, please put your card inside and send me the log_xxx.txtt file under SD card root directory.

Not sure I can remotely sign in to a Hotspot and force reboot
I’ll check with my carrier. Highly doubt it.

Well that’s bad,that’s why it does work due to your useing a cellular carrier…did you know that alot of cell carriers block ports we never use that crap at sites,we use 5.8ghz to get internet to some of our sites,that way we have control 24/7

How do you explain that the other 4 cameras work on the same network?
And the 5th camera (device offline) still works if you “open” to view the live feed.

You have to unplug the camera and plug it back in . Trying to restart your camera from the app won’t work, It’s some kind of glitch it happens sometimes

Thanks. I think that’s what I’ll have to do.

I plan to take my Wyze products and unplug them and toss them into the dumpster.

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