App 2.13.115 - Stuck in "This device is offline."

Running Android App v. 2.13.115 here. We have four Wyze Cam v2 and Pan total, and in this app, one of the cameras keeps showing up as “This device is offline” even though it is not. It is connected because the camera opens up when we tap on the “This device is offline” screen.

We cleared the cache, force-stopped and re-started the app, and finally unistalled and reinstalled the app, but the screen for this one camera (it is a Pan) is stuck on “This device is offline.”

Once again, the camera is running fine. The screen for it in the group home page is wrong and stuck.

I should mention that the firmware for Wyze Cam v2 is, and for the cam (the one involved in the stuck screen) is The other Pan using the same firmware and app does not have the “This device is offline” screen issue, by the way.

I too have a v2 camera stuck in offline mode after the upgrade to I reverted back to but still is offline in my group display. Have 5 other V2’s that I haven’t upgraded yet. Camera works perfectly when selected from the group display but always shows offline on the group display. Support said to “leave” the Beta app which I did and re- installed the normal Wyse app. Removed group and reinstalled still offline. Same result with Android and IOS.

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I had a similar issue when setting up a new cam and updating another. I simply removed the camera and re-added it to resolve the issue.

The problem has since gone away all by itself. I have done all kinds of things, which did nothing to resolve it, and then all of a sudden, the camera at issue appeared normal in the app. No idea what triggered the original problem or resolved it.

It’s a biweekly issue. Amazon web services messes things up often for them.