Detection zone not available for this device

Wyze Cam v2: the app states that detection zone not available for this device.

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Well, I’ve never heard of anyone getting that error before. Have you tried a device reset and/or power cycle on the camera?

Could you also please provide the app version, the OS on the device the app is installed on, and finally the firmware installed on the camera?

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Also, a screenshot from the app of what you’re seeing would be helpful.

And one more troubleshooting step: force quit and restart the app on your phone.

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Hmmm, a little concerning that someone would code up an error message for that in the software. Did the old V1 camera not have detection zones?

Restarted it and it’s working.
I couldn’t find a way to upload pictures

Detection zone does work for V1.

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Glad to hear it’s working. For future reference, to upload a picture, you click this icon image on the toolbar above the text entry area. Or just drag and drop the picture right into the text entry area.

Was having the same issue where I attempted to edit/use the Detection Zone settings via the Android app and a message popped up stating that detection zone was not available for this device (using Pan Cam fyi). After finding this message thread I then powered down my device by completely unplugging it from the wall outlet, waited several seconds, and plugged it back in. After waiting for initial startup to finish I tried to edit/use the Detection Zone settings, again via the Android app, and it worked fine. Just posting this note to again state that a power cycling DOES fix this issue…though would still be interesting to find out what caused this problem to begin with. Thank you all for your time.

I can generate this issue “This device does not support this operation”.
I have already request an issue of my CAM:Z “No SD Card”

  1. Bought two new Wyze Cam V2 with separate order ( CAM:YNov2018 , CAM:Z May2019 )
  2. This error/bug can be found from both of my WyzeCAM V2
  3. put all components near by to easily testing
  4. power on the WyzeCam, when its status light turn blue, start Wyze app v2.4.82 from my Samsung tablet S3 (android device with latest android version )
  5. choose any WyzeCam → Settingss → Detection Settings, Detection Zone=On
  6. Return 2 times to the Live Stream of the Camera, press More → then Turn off . The Camera status light turn off.
  7. Press the soft turn on button from center of Live Stream screen. The camera status light turn blue suddenly.
  8. press Settingss → Detection Settings, Detection Zone=Off. if I press the “Detection Zone=Off”, I got a bottom message said that “This device does not support this operation”
  9. return 3 times to Wyze main menu, choose that WyzeCam again → Settingss → Detection Settings, Detection Zone=On
  10. it sound like the soft turn off, and turn on in Wyze app put the Detection zone sleeping.
  11. I will request an Issue with the Support team,

I’ll be curious to see what support says. However, I need to ask, after turning it on, did you make sure you have the live stream up and running before step 8? I’ve seen this message when the app can’t read the status because the camera really isn’t already fully running.

Yes, after the press soft turn on, the camera status light turn blue suddenly. the system automatic reconnect the camera, Live stream start working normally. motion green box has been displayed and wait to a minute for sure, then I goto step8.