Detection settings not working in any wyze outdoor camera

Detection settings not working on old base station and new base station with new v2 camera just purchased and older outdoor cams. Also there are not pir effective areas to adjust a target area

Support was friendly but unable to explain and thought camera was issue, but after ~2 hour phone calls , unable to fix and sending new camera. Don’t think this is issue. I have an older apple air router and both base stations are connected to ethernet. Is apple to blame? All cameras and programs updated with most recent versions. All help appreciated.
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Having exact same issue. It happened immediately after Base Station firmware update on 5/14/2022.

It’s hopeless. Wyze Cam Outdoor becomes more crippled every time there’s a firmware update!

The issue is the app.

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This issue is affecting my WCO devices as well. Not only that, but I can’t set a detection zone on one of them so the battery is rapidly draining because I can’t mark out the tree that now has leaves.

I have the same issue since the update. Did you get any resolution?

No just another camera that will not work

Nope. No resolution and no response from Wyze support…
It’s getting very frustrating with these Wyze Cam Outdoor and Base Station…

I updated the app on my phone and I can set thing again.