Detecting outside of detection zone

I have several V3 Cameras set up at my home and a rental location. All have detection zones set up to minimize false alerts. However, all are recording motion and lighting change events well outside the detection zone. This was noted as an issue in 2020 and apparently is still an issue.

I have learned the detection zones shown are not EXACTLY correct for some of my cams. One of my friends demonstrated this to me by showing me that the Detection grid locations were showing up differently on different phones or phone orientation. So in one case the detection zone might look like the sidewalk is blacked out, but in the other phone’s view it shows the sidewalk is actually in the zone. Thus, when I think something is outside the detection zone, it might not be.

Also, lights and shadows and things often cross into the detection zone, particularly car headlights. Even if the car is on the road, sometimes their headlight casts light or shadow onto my lawn or fense or something and that is in the detection zone.

So while not 100%, what has helped me in a couple of those situations is to black out just a little bit extra area.

Wyze AI team also told me in one of the threads last year that they were looking into a way to communicate the detection zone to the AI, so that it only scans certain areas of the video for AI detections. Right now the way it works is the detection zone is for the local cam to determine if there is any motion or pixel changes within the detection zone in any way (including light or shadow changes), and if there is a difference then it sends the entire video to the AI and the entire video is scanned, not just the detection zone area. So if a headlight or shadow hits your lawn, the AI checks the rest of the video and sees a car on the street and sends a vehicle notification, or a person notification if there was someone across the street, even though you only want to know about your property.
In the future we may be able to tell the AI to only search stuff on our property (in our detection zone), but currently detection zones are only for the initial trigger.

If you are confident that it’s being triggered by something far outside the detection zone area and there was absolutely no pixel change within the detection zone area, could you post an example video and a screenshot of your detection zone and maybe we can figure out what the cause is.

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How do i up load a video from the application?

When viewing a cloud event, if you look at the top right of the video you’ll see some options:

The one I highlighted in red will let you share the video to another app, like maybe Google Drive.
The one highlighted in Green will just download the video to your phone.

Once you’ve done that you can start a new message in here and click on this upload icon:

Then go find the downloaded video and select it and it should upload here.