Can anyone tell me why my new v3 pro might keep recording and notifying of vehicle detected when i have street blacked out on detection zone?


The cam detects a change in pixelation within the Included DZ. In your case due to the perceived movement of the headlights reflecting off of the ground as indicated by the green Motion Tracking box that it overlays prior to the upload. The cam Firmware is restricted by the DZ in overlaying that box. That is why the green box only shows being overlayed within your Included DZ. This is the motion trigger that starts the upload.

The AI Engine, however, ignores the green Motion Tracking box. That is simply a part of each frame once it gets it. The AI Engine then overlays its own invisible Cartesian Rectangle over every single object it detects within the entire frame. I drew a yellow rectangle around the car to demonstrate.

If any single object within that frame is identified as one of your selected AI objects, the AI Engine then checks if it is within the Included DZ. But, it doesn’t check that by the shape of the actual physical object. It checks that by the invisible box that it put around the object.

Wyze uses Overlap Logic within their AI Engine. If any single part of the imaginary Cartesian Rectangle is overlapping into the Included DZ, every object within that rectangle is considered included as well.

As you can see below, the box that I drew overlaps into the Included DZ and would therefore be subject to tagging as if it were also in the Included DZ.

Also… The faster an object moves, the bigger the box around it appears.

The solution, add more blocks to your DZ.

Because in the images shown, the car headlights were in your detection zone - which causes the images to be uploaded to the Wyze server. The AI has no information about your detection zones and it sees the car - hence vehicle notification.

SlabSlayer beat me to it…

Wyze implemented the integration of the DZ into the AI Engine tagging logic some time back. Unfortunately, when they later implemented the Overlap Logic, it made the exclusion of tagging objects in the Excluded DZ much less effective due to how they are marking objects based on a much larger area.

Makes sense what your saying but in previous videos ive had stationary cars in top right corner of pic and what set off cam was a small shadow in bottom left corner that set off motion. And stationary car was completely in DZ zone and not remotely close to shadow.

A user on Reddit answered like this. Are y’all basically saying same thing?

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