V3 pro notifications outside detection zone

So I recently upgraded a V3 camera overlooking my driveway to a v3 pro. I set up the detection zone to exclude the main road in front of my house, but no matter what I do (such as change the sensitivity or fiddle with the greyed out boxes) it still triggers a notification EVERY TIME a car drives by, saying a vehicle has been detected (my vehicle, which is parked in the drive). It’s made the notifications useless. I’m hoping others have had this issue and have a fix? It’s driving me crazy!

The main fix is to extend the detection zone an extra layer deep or more.

The problem is in the way the detection zone works, which is complicated to explain…but a somewhat easy way to test it out is to turn on the green motion tag. Now, the next time a car drives by, block out EVERYTHING that the green motion tag might overlap in any way. If the Green motion tag box would cross into the detection zone, even though the car does not, then the camera will consider EVERYTHING that is within that green motion block, including the car which is technically outside of it.

So, again, the most effective fix seems to be to block out an extra layer or more of detection grid squares such that the green motion tag can not possibly overlap into the detection zone when the car passes by.

Also, I should mention that this mostly helps during the daytime. Car headlights at night may make detection zones more difficult to account for car headlights seeming to be “attached” to the car and triggering events within the detection zone.

There are good reasons for it to work this way…to ensure that no detections are ever missed, even if something is just half in a detection zone and half out. For example, many people include their sidewalk, but block out their road. But from some angles, like a low-mounted Video Doorbell, if a person walks by on the sidewalk, their legs would be in the detection zone, but their upper body would be blocked out because the viewpoint would show it overlapping the road. So if Wyze didn’t check a WHOLE object that partially overlaps within the detection zone, then it would not detect that as a person since only the legs are in the detection zone. But most people would want the person to be detected in that case. I think they are trying to find ways to fix what counts as part of the moving object so that this isn’t such an issue, but right now that is the challenge that is presenting.

So, try blocking out a little bit more at a time and see if you can find a sweet spot.

(I can’t remember if the V3 Pros have the updated motion tag that avoids the non-detection zone, but it should still give you an idea of what the camera is considering as motion when a car is passing by)

The problem with that is the green block is usually much bigger than the vehicle and therefore I’d have to block out a large portion of the field of view, and potentially blocking out areas I want to monitor.

You could try the combo of making the detection zone smaller, but upping the motion sensitivity so that it triggers to more motion in that new detection zone. Just a thought that might help you.