Deleted events

How can I recover deleted events

Assuming you’re talking about the cloud events:

Short answer: You can’t

Long Answer: If you really need it then you have an insanely High National Security priority (like terrorism or something crazy important), the feds get a warrant and confiscate all the harddrives from AWS and have really expensive data forensics people PRAY that your event was just removed from the File Allocation table, but wasn’t overwritten with new random data, and see if they can find all the individual clusters it was stored in.

Barring that, you could try to bribe Amazon to have them feel it’s worth the time to do it themselves, and even then it might not be possible if it’s been overwritten enough. But I’m sure they’d want Wyze’s permission and make you pay them hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to make it worth their time and effort.

If you’re talking about SD card events, the Short Answer is still “You can’t”

But you could try some random programs that might be able to extract the data if it wasn’t overwritten yet.

Or you could try to pay a data forensics specialist to try to recover it. The cost to do this will vary. It could be as low as $100/hr and could be as high as $300/hr plus data recovery costs. logical damage issues can be an extra $300-$1000. on top of the hourly costs. Even then, there are no guarantees of recovery.

Those are pretty much the only options. Hence why I say the short answer is “You can’t” but the qualifier is that it is technically possible, just unlikely and very costly.

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