Deleted devices while offline

Is it really impossible to set up my cameras again if I deleted from the app while offline? These are brand new. Is there a reset?

Unfortunately no. It’s a security feature to prevent people from stealing the cam and setting it up as their own, so if the cam was not connected to the base when deleted, it won’t let you add it back to the base.

I agree this was not thought through all that well, and needs more warnings in the app.

Since they are new, you can just return them and get a replacement.


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Actually, I was able to connect the cameras to the base with the usb cord then wen through the connection/setup/add process and it worked. Thank goodness.


That is great to hear.

I believe the only requirement is that you would need to ensure you are setting it up on the same account as it is paired with it. If someone else tried, it would not be allowed.

Glad to see you have it worked out.