Dear Abby: He put security cameras everywhere

So much more enjoyable than communicating with the dislikes. :wink:


Hell, I could probably out fish ya, too… :lunker: :wink:

That’s the spirit, Mr. Dog, if you do 40%, I’ll do TWO weeks, and so forth… You also are ON per whichever terms you choose!

Heck, if y’all work together as a virtual junkie Team, you can shut me up for quite a while! :grin:


I think Mr. Dog may have meant add 20% more cams before he reduced the total by 20%, so ‘Can I add 20% more cams first.’

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Right now, everyone can. Very sore subject. I can feel the blade turning. :sob:

Water intrusion into the cylinders. Per the expert Marine Engine Technician, “Your motor is slap wore out.

Anyone wanna start a Go Fund Me for a new $10K motor? Kinda makes this Wyze hobby look much more affordable.

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slap wore out? I’d always heard “wore slap out”.

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I believe that is a southern regional dialect variant of the same general meaning.

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ah yeah, ain’t that wat I say’d ?



Ouch. Tough time to go ‘cool turkey’ re cams, then.

‘Slap wore out’ is an appealing phrase. It seems like it’s falling off a log. ‘Wore slap out’ is like stumbling to a halt. Different.

Now I’m plumb tuckered. Out.

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I only have eight cams but I have also become habituated to solving minor mysteries that occur around the property on a regular basis.

I find it useful to ‘fast’ occasionally to give me some perspective on my dependencies.

You forgot to add that we have been known to give them extras away for free, thus getting others hooked as well.

You know I’ve seen a lot of people walkin round with Wyze Cams in their eyes.

But the pusher don’t care ahhhh if you get cam plus or cam lite

I said gosh damn, gosh damn the pusher man.

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PSH! I have 40 Wyze cams…almost all of them with redundancy coverage from other angles…20% is only turning off 8. I’ll still have 32 cams covering a 2750sqft home :rofl:

I’ll turn off an extra 50% of them, so…12. :rofl:

Does that mean @K6CCC does it for a week, and I do it for a week, that you have to go for 2 weeks now?

What if I turn off 20% of my cams permanently? j/k

Also…what happens if you or I suffer life-threatening withdrawals from it? :upside_down_face:


Disable enough that you experience minor discomfort, loss, unease. Piece-o-cake.

We can huddle under a blanket and shiver together if it goes bad.

I will actually physically fast for up to three days to match the number of days you disable your prime cam (and any backups or workaround schemes.) That’s how confident I am you won’t do it. :slight_smile:

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Danny Kaye. Steppendog. 1969… Gosh damn, turns out it was Hoyt Axton! And he don’t give a damn about money, neither, which the Kingston boys covered ok. :slight_smile:

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Hey Froggie, that does not look like technical things. You backing down on your challenge in less than a day?


@R.Good trolled me!

But you’re right, my bad, feel free to turn on one of your disabled cams for a couple of hours… :clock1130::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Frogs can’t do :cold_face: :turkey:


You are absolutely correct, I did leave that out. We do what we gotta do to help the community out. :slight_smile:


If I was still posting freely the Word of the Day would be paucity.

Too few peep posts. Nary a peep post in sight.


Since I am restricted to tech speak, I will say only that I am quite pleased with the connectivity and throughput of my installed devices. I hope that you too are experiencing robust throughput and solid connectivity in your networking environments.

In closing, be sure to check logs for waypoint drift and excess gear lash spacing. Report findings to the appropriate team member standying by.

(:cold_face: :turkey: :turkey: are mean. You know that. :slight_smile: )

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My indoor cameras are only turned on when we are not at home.

I do keep views of two of my outdoor cameras on screens on my desk (a PC using a Bluestacks emulation and on my Google Nest) and don’t feel I have any issues.

It’s like having windows on my desk (no pun intended). I can see when a package or the snail mail is delivered, when someone pulls up to visit or when someone visiting the neighbor uses my backyard to turn around or hits my air conditioning unit coming down our shared driveway. When that happens I have issues!