Mission Accomplished - "The house with all the cameras"

So my wife was walking around the neighborhood and found herself 3 blocks away from our house.

She ran into some fellow walkers and stopped to talk (which I think negates the benefits of being out and exercising, but that’s besides the point).

The conversation turned to where everyone lived.

As my wife tried to explain where we lived, the other folks seemed confused, but then one of the walkers said to the others, “You know, the house with all the cameras!”

They all nodded their heads, immediately knowing which house my wife and I occupied, along with 14 or so Wyze cameras.

I’m hoping every potential trouble-maker also understands that, thanks to Wyze, we do live in the “house with all the cameras” and that I can watch every blade of grass, window or access point of my house.

My wife just shakes her head and explains that I’m addicted to Wyze cameras. But hey, I dare anybody to just try to approach my house from any angle!


That’s a cool little story. Haven’t received the same comment (at least not yet), but with 14 cameras, I think I’m close.

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Comment? More like COMPLIMENT, me thinks.

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I’m sure my neighbors know if they have ever ventured down this way, having wyze and other brand cameras with status lights that come on during record, cameras easily visible, but some that are very hard to spot.
If someone comes out of the woods in the back I have that covered also

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You have convinced me. I won’t be sneaking down your street or hiding in the woods out back.


…any more.


…any more - this week or next.