Help my wife won't let me get more cameras

Lol, I have 8, 2 outside, 1 in garage and 5 in the house, and want 2 more for full outside coverage, my wife says it’s getting creepy, I feel safer. How do I convince her. The funny thing she made me buy 3 to put in her moms so she can keep an eye on her.

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Sounds like we may need to start a support group, “Wyzaholics Anonymous”. :wink:


It is always nice to look back on the day or night and know nothing happened.
It is even nicer to know if something does happen.
All a person need do is watch TV news, or Cops, or Live PD to know eventually something will happen even in your quiet little secluded neighborhood.
You can tell your wife for me, it is better to have it and not need it, than to not have it and need it.

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@hakes have her watch some youtube videos of break ins caught on security cameras…only show her ones that had a successful intervention ( by homeowner or law enforcement.) then turn off those videos…and turn on the tv show unsolved mysteries…tell her the first videos were helped by the cameras…and then tell her unsolved mysteries is possible because people DIDNT have cameras…if they had cameras…there would be no unsolved mysteries. just an idea… :sunglasses:

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Tell her you are buying more WYZE cameras and that’s that! You are a MAN! Then, when she throws you out of the house, you will have a whole new house to outfit with WYZE cameras!!


LAMO. :rofl::smiley::smile:

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