Wyze Cam being overided because ex has hacked into my WiFi

Hello. I bought a Wyze camera and set it up because I have a stalker, BAD! I am honestly scared and needed peace of mind. It’s my ex and quite possibly other people he gets to “fu^k” with my peace of mind. He’s come into my apartment moved things around and most likely set up camera’s that catch me doing and saying everything, and I know this because he will tell our children exactly what goes on in our home, even though we have been divorced for 3 years. I’ve come home to my belongings moved out of place just to gently let me know, he’s been there. I’m documenting the stalking and taken over 500 screenshots of these strange things, this has been going on for over 2+ years now. He’s hacked into my WiFi and cross wires also so none of my conversations via texting with other men or my girlfriends make much sense. I thought I’d start with 1 Wyze cam and so far it’s great. My problem is if he’s hacked into my WiFi router/modem, then he can also remotely control my Wyze cam. I wanted to double check on this first to make sure this is correct though. Ive has some strange things happen on it already , like for instance. I’ll go to sleep, I have the camera out in plain site in my living room facing the front door to capture anyone entering. My phone has alerted me in the night it switching itself over to night mode, then it will click over to day mode, then the green square would try to capture something but couldn’t. It would click itself over then back again. All with me watching on my iPhone from my bed, I’ve recorded these odd happenings and wonder how much he can control. I am scared, and this is why I bought a camera. Any thoughts, help and or advice would be extremely helpful to me at this point. Thanks!


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Sorry about the issues, but is the room that the camera is dimly lit with other lights? It could be switching fairly often because the room it is viewing is right on the threshold to needing the IR and night mode or not. You can disable this by live viewing the camera, and selecting the “auto” in the upper right or just on or off. Just because you have access to a WiFi, does not mean you have access to it’s cameras other than be able to tell it’s there. If you want, enable the 2fa in your account just to be super sure that your Wyze account is secure.


Thanks for responding to me. I’ve left lights on all over the house simply because of the stalking being ramped you since October. So the living room was well lit, not dark. I watched , live what it was doing and also have recorded these “odd” occurrences, that completely freak me out. Because to me, if I’m not switching over to night mode or back again, then who is?! What is the extra security you mentioned again?

@Omgitstony was talking about 2-factor authentication, which requires you to confirm with a text message before logging into your account. This will also alert you if someone unsuccessfully tries to log in. Here’s how to set that up.

It’s also important to use a strong password, and to use different passwords for your different accounts. Don’t reuse passwords.

As for the night vision going on and off, it’s hard to say for sure, but sometimes subtle lighting changes can cause that, especially if the camera is looking directly at a light source. If you change it out of “auto” mode so that the night vision is either always on or always off, it shouldn’t switch, if you want to test that out.


Was the picture changing from color to black and white when you were watching it? Since you say that your rooms all have lights on, I’d leave the IRs set to off, that way they won’t be in auto and automatically switching around. The camera itself detects luminance of what it’s pointing at and changes depending on what it sees, therefore it “auto” changes. No human interaction at that point.


Change the locks. Change your email password. Then as others say, implement 2FA.

Have a restraining order. And call the police.


A) Get a restraining order then bring it to the police where you live and where you work
C) Change router (if cable provided call them and tell them it must be changed due to stalker), on it change wifi SSID, Change router passwords to Strong protection w weppsk2.
D) Add strong AV protection (I suggest ESET) to ALL devices like tablets. computers & phones, to catch malware & viruses commonly used by stalkers.
E) run malwarebytes of all devices, follow clean up directions accordingly, run multiple passes if recommended.
F) reconnect devices on new network
Most techno stalkers are clueless beyond the few apps they put in place early. a clean slate will resolve those issues unless hes a pro hacker.


Couple things to consider, not related to the night vision or any legal action you’ve taken.

1- double check your physical security:

  • change the locks
  • make sure all the windows are locked
  • put a board or rod in any sliding doors/windows

2- digital security

  • do a factory reset on any wireless routers and protect them by changing the admin and wifi passwords to something new and not easily guessed.
  • then change all of your important passwords, email, credit cards, banking, social media, cell phone acct, online dating or anything that he could tamper with and affect your life. All of these services generally offer some form of Two factor authentication, make sure your ex does not have a phone number listed on any of these accounts.
  • change your phone lock if it’s something he could get into at any point

3- make sure what you’ve documented is backed up. It would be terrible if you lost all these screen shots. Your phone should be able to automatically back up to iCloud or Google photos.

I know this doesn’t answer your question specifically, but hopefully it should provide a road map to help you feel more at ease with some of your security concerns


often modern provider and residential routers will not allow you to change the login from admin.
Password yes, login maybe.
Stupid? Hellayes!

Stalking or harassing is not something to take litely. It’s a fine line between being mean and breaking the law. And when it comes to jealousy or revenge, it’s too easy for the perp to take things too far especially by accident. So whenever you are a victim of such things, take action immediately toKe it stop, preferbly with some one who is skilled or works in the field to put a stop to it. At first it might not seem so bad and more than likely will end on its own but you don’t want to be the one where it doesn’t stop on its own. When you realize it won’t stop it might be to the point of bad things have happened. Don’t let it get that far. If they have done it in the past or doing it now, they will do it again on the future. Only you can help the next victim before they become a victim. As the person before you should if prevented you from being a victim.

Let me be very clear… It is illegal for anyone to access your personal electronic fldata, software, hardware, physical property, personal space without your permission no matter if it protected, not protected, have login info or use to have permission. Once it is clear that the other person is no longer invited into your life, they have Moral and legal responsibility to keep out of your life.
It comes down to is if the relationship is over he should have known even if not specifically told that he isn’t to be in your personal and private life. Doing so is a violation to you and your digital/physical property. End of story, do not allow others to invade you without permission.

I hope all works out for you, will keep you in my thoughts.

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The switching back and forth between night vision can happen like others have said. I’ve had a camera in a dimly lit room and when it’s right on the edge of needing night vision it switched back and forth repeatedly. If you’re near it, you’ll also hear the clicking of the relay inside the camera. The green box motion tagging can also randomly appear because it’s not an actual motion sensor. It simply works by the software in the camera looking for changes in the pixels and guessing that it’s motion. In a dimly lit room where the image sometimes shifts and gets blocky it can trigger the green motion tagging box. All of this can be nerve racking if you’re already (rightfully) on edge due to your situation. If it was me, and I suspected someone was entering my home, in addition to the other suggestions about locks, etc, I would make sure to add an SD card in the camera and try to disguise the camera so it can’t be seen, disabled or removed by the person.

I do wish you the best and hope for some peace and comfort for you.

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Hello to everyone that has replied,… I appreciate everything I’ve read and do want to clarify things. The stalking is extremely severe and I had a prior RO, it ended in 2018, even with my RO he continued to stalk me, in my home (hard to prove unless caught on camera) and electronically. I moved towns and there’s roughly 225 miles between us now. It hasn’t seemed to deter him or his intentions to want to watch and hear everything that goes on in my life. This brings me to my next dilemma…Him actually using my phone as his. How…I don’t know. Hackers and more skilled tech people may know. I’ve contacted the police before because he was acting as me talking to a man that I was friends with. The messages were coming from my phone and my name but I had no knowledge it was being done, thankfully the friend on the other end knew what I’d been going through and sensed by the conversation it wasn’t me so he took a screenshot and later that night finally got the REAL me and sent it to me, I immediately asked the police. They document and give a case number. At this point I have a few of those, I will continue to document until … hell, I don’t know. Anyways my point here being, he’s been in my home so he’s a step ahead of me, I cannot hide a camera or try to camouflage it because he’s watching me so he’d know. So I’m left with no option then put it out in the open, I have to do something at this point. So having a camera or 2 is better then nothing at all. I’m just trying to stay alive at this point. Sad to say it like that, but I’d rather know if someone came into my house at 3am then wake up to blindsided and completely defenseless.
I’ve even put my Wyze cam2 on my windowsill facing outside to the walkway leading up to my front door, I have enough light from an upper outdoor light that it provides very good lighting to the camera. I have only 1 door to my 950sqft apartment and the windows have steel locks on them. I’ve had the front door lock replaced once already after a week of suspicious indoor activity while I wasn’t home that lead me to contact the police. They told me get cameras and so here I am. I want more Wyze cameras and thinking about the sensors too, and a gun!

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I’d suggest at least a couple of cameras, with one visible from the other, so that it’s not possible to disconnect one without being seen by the other. If you’re worried he might be able to disconnect the electricity or internet before the cameras would see him, you could connect the cameras and your modem to a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) so that they would continue to operate without power for a while. You’d probably want MicroSD cards in both cameras, and you might want to consider subscribing to the Complete Motion Capture service. If you did all of those things, it would be pretty tough for him to do something without being seen, even if he DOES know about the cameras.

If you have windows next to your entrances, mounting cameras in the windows would also make it pretty much impossible for someone to gain access to the home without being seen, unless they’re able to disconnect your power or internet from the meter or something. But if it’s set up so that someone couldn’t walk up to the meter without being seen, then you’d be pretty much covered there too. I’m just trying to think of every possible scenario.

You may also want to keep your eyes peeled for the outdoor camera which is on the horizon. (I’m not sure about exact timeframe, but I know they’re doing testing now, so probably within the next few months) They’ve confirmed that it will be battery-powered, with an option to plug it in. Since it’s battery-powered, it would be even tougher to disable it without being seen. Simply yanking the cord wouldn’t kill it, for example.

Anyway, best of luck. Be safe out there.

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@nerdland hi , I definitely already subscribed to the complete motion detection in the Cloud thing…and just went on Amazon to look at the power packs you suggested. I will definitely invest in one of them. Thank you!! I have looked at other battery ran camera systems (sorry Wyze) :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, but I had already thought of cut of power/and internet…and only 1 way to solve that, but there’s SO many cameras out there I became overwhelmed, and being new to this I’m not equipped with a whole lot of knowledge … YET! But I’m learning, because I have to stay safe and proactive. Gotta be honest though , I don’t like this feeling of watching who’s watching me… look forward to the battery cams though :slight_smile:

This is a problem I have thought about. So I set my mind to it today!!! I have a couple of cheap USB battery banks like you use to charge a phone with a dead battery. I plugged it in line …power cube from the Wyze cam to the USB cable to the mini usb on the battery. Then I used the USB camera cable to go from the battery to the camera.

I unplugged the power adapter from the wall ……Wala it has been running for two hours when the power comes back it will charge the battery.
You will just need to put a UPS computer backup system on your router., to cover its loss of power.



Careful. Unless that power bank is designed for concurrent use and charging, it might overheat and cause a fire.


Have a pro come in and sweep your place, have all his cameras thrown in the trash, change the locks, get a restraining order, document your findings. Notify the local law enforcement of the harassment. Go to your DA’s office and let it be known of all the activity. People like him, are not going to stop, it’s a form of control, do not take this lightly, things like domestic issues can and will escalate if not interceded. Protect yourself and children, I wish you well.


Yeah, people nowadays, instead of fighting with you, will instead stalk you and try to mess with your peace of mind. I’ve had it done by a coworker that I had a big falling out with, whose son likes to think of himself as a hacker. That’s the way evil people play these days, and it’s sad because they like the game and know how to play it. If a bad guy can get in your house, which my wife likes to think everything’s always cool and leaves everything unlocked, then you’re screwed. He can put his own spy cameras around, keylockers on your computer, easily tap into your wifi, etc. It’s a mess, and I bet it happens a lot more than people think! What I’d like to see is that there is no way someone can use the Wyze app unless there is two factor authorization where you would have to get a text message to view the cameras.

It sounds like you may have been SIM-jacked. That is where someone socially engineers a customer service rep at the carrier into sending them a replacement SIM.

Call your carrier and find out if any additional SIM requests have been submitted for your account. If so, you’ll need to replace your SIM, and ask they invalidate that previous one that was issued. Ask if you you can put a PIN on your account, and make certain it is something your stalker wouldn’t know (e.g., no anything associated with your life, such as a birth year or former street address). Also ask them if they can add a comment to your record about your stalking situation, and that extra care is to be taken for any future requests to changes to your account.

Some carriers also have an online portal where you can send/receive messages on your account. If your carrier has this, your stalker could instead have the password to that (likely the same as for your account with your carrier).


Some great replies above. Personally if it were me, I would vote for the gun, and be sure to take a short training course if you have never owned a gun before.