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I have a 32GB micro sd card that is set to continuous recording, and when I select a date on playback it goes to the day before at 5pm. I select April 15 and it goes to April 14 at 5pm and so on and so forth. I do not remember this being a problem before and it happens to both my V2 and V3 cameras, so it’s definitely software side that is causing this issue.

Yep. Confirmed. I just loaded one of my V3 and entered playback from the Livestream. Select a previous day (15th) and it pops up the 14th @ 8am.

Definitely a bug. Not sure if its an old version bug though.

@WyzeJasonJ: can we tag this one a bug and run it up the flagpole? Thx!

App Log 544904
Cam Log 544903

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I believe there may be an updated app,, in this version I cannot replicate the issue, are you able to update and do you still get this issue?

Wilco. Update tonight and will report back.

@brianyu00, what is your app version? See Jason’s post above.

Updated to

No change. See video screen capture demonstrating this.

When opening the SD Playback, it locates to current date, 18th. I selected the 16th. It pops momentarily to the 16th, then immediately reverts to the 15th. It does this regardless of the date I select.

Hey y’all. This has been posted to the Fix it Friday thread. Go there and vote for it with a like and add a post if you want it fixed.