Dark overly in UI when loading live stream

Does anyone else have a issue with the prolonged dark screen with overlay when loading a live stream on the Floodlight Pro or Battery Cam Pro? It effectively makes the image unviewable for an additional 4 seconds. This is in addition to the 3-6 seconds (3-4 for floodlight pro 5-6 for the battery cam pro) it takes to display an image when selecting a camera to view.
This UI change is only on these two cameras that I know of. The OG, OG telephoto, v3 Pan, and v3 Pro do have a dark bar at the top and bottom of the screen momentarily when viewing a live stream but they are far less intrusive.
My gripe is as a “security cam” I lose up to 10 sec. of watchable video at startup which pretty much makes them worthless when trying to catch an event in progress. That and this is not on any other camera from Wyze.


I find that the Control Dwell Overlay is also intrusive and excessively long when loading the Live Stream on ALL the cams with the new UI. I experience it in my V3Pro, OG, PanV3, and FLP.

I would like to see them default to no overlay on startup and only allow it to appear on a press of the video area.