Wyze App - New user interface (Live Stream and SD Playback) enhancements and changes

New UI playback - controls hinder viewing

For the new OG models, V3-Pro, and Pan V3, the playback controls are overlaid on the viewing screen. It would be nice if they were below the screen (like the older models), or at least if they could use a smaller portion of the screen when applying the darkened translucent mask. Currently, the entire screen is darkened when selecting the controls (30-sec jumps, play/pause), making it hard sometimes to determine the scene. Furthermore, on the OG models, it seems to be an even darker mask than on the Pan or Pro models.
I realize that landscape mode would require these controls to be on the viewing area, but still, the dark mask area doesn’t need to cover the entire screen – just add the mask behind the actual control buttons to make them stand out, but leave the rest of the view unhindered.

While I’m on this new UI topic, I assume others have already requested wishlist items for more playback options, such as 1-minute jumps, 2x or 4x speeds, etc. It can be very tedious trying to navigate the timeline with fat fingers on a phone screen!

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100% Agree! Add the Floodlight Pro to the new UI list. The new UI has a toolbar below the video in portrait. Nav buttons should be on the Nav Toolbar, not the video image. And, there isn’t really any reason there can’t be a Nav Toolbar in the footer of the landscape view with a timeline bar (missing in the FLP).

Would very much like to see all buttons removed from overlaying the video image.

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Agreewd. Plus does the Go Live button on the OG playback screen really need that much real estate? It’s HUGE. It forces the playback scroll to be way too small, it’s really hard to pick a time, lift your finger, and have it scroll a minute. My fingers aren’t that small!

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