Daily on/off for wyze plug

I have a wyze plug that I’m trying to create a daily schedule where it turns on for 30 minutes and then off.
Here’s a screenshot. Can someone tell me if this is right?

Looks right. Is it not working? You can plug a light into it or something easy like that for testing so you arnt running the pool equipment while testing.:slight_smile:

I’d also be cognizant of running equipment with high amp usage like space heaters or similar equipment through the Wyze plug. Per the shop they are 15 amp max. I don’t know if the pool filter is near there but be careful, I could be getting into the fire hazard category here. This plug is also an indoor only plug. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the amp heads up.
The filter doesn’t draw anything close to that 15 so we’re good.
It’s also inside the shed.
Once it cools off it’ll all be put away.

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