Does Wyze Plug allow scheduling multiple on/off cycles a day?

I have a recirculating hot-water pump with an awkward 24-hour timeclock. I would like to plug the pump in to a Wyze Plug (not yet purchased), leave the pump in the always-on position, and control the on/off cycles with the Wyze Plug. This would require several automated on/off cycles a day, e.g. on 6-9am, 11-1pm, and 4-7pm. Also, I want to be able to turn it on at random times, if for instance I come home from the gym during a normally Off time and want a shower.

So, will the Wyze Plug permit several programmed on/off cycles a day? Can I also start and stop it manually through a smartphone (iPhone) during a normally Off time?

Yep, not a problem on all counts.

The only thing someone might bring up is that these are only 15A plugs. A large current load from a heavy loaded pump might cause issues with the plug. And I wonder how these would work with a GFI protected plug… which your pump should be on…

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I have two plugs on a GFCI protected plug and they work just fine

In conjunction with a high current pump?

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It’s a quad outlet that has two Rack mounted 120v/20a surge protector is plugged into it. Each surge protector has 12 outlets. And I have the following plugged in to the surge protectors.

Cctv camera dvr
Onkyo AVR receiver
Lutron hub
Insteon hub
Harmony hub
Dish hopper receiver
Xbox one X
Xbox 360
Epson projector
Wireless Joey sender unit
To rack mount lights

And without going down there I think that’s everything

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Thanks for responses. Small pump, been working for 20 years on a 15 amp ckt. Just looking to confirm Wyze Plug can can be programmed for several separate “on” periods in a day, as previously described.

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Yes to both questions. Once you get it configured to your WiFi, you’ll create multiple schedules (one per each on/off cycle) vs one big all inclusive schedule and apply each schedule to your plug. In your example, you’ll create 3 schedules for your plug.

Manual on/off is as easy as pushing a on/off button next to the plug icon on the Wyze home screen in your Wyze app. In addition, manually turning the plug on/off does not affect the applied schedule(s). For example, if you manually turn it on and forget to turn it off, the next scheduled off cycle will catch it for you. :+1: You can also physically push the on/off button on the side of the plug. This also does not affect the applied schedule(s).


Perfect. Thank you!