For Wi-Fi plug, add unlimited schedule timers or every minute/hour option

Hi there!

Love the Wyze plug. I use the scheduled but unfortunately I can’t make more than 5 reoccurring times. Can you add the ability I have unlimited schedules? Also, it would be nice to see you be able to set an “every 10 min” or every “x min” “x hour” type of recoccuring schedule.

I would use this when my drain is flooded and I have to manually today create schedules to turn on a sump pump. And water coming through my basement comes and it’s hard to set schedules overnight due to dilemma.

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I’m trying to understand the problem and your goal here. I just created 6 different Schedule type Rules to turn on a plug for 1 minute every 2 minutes—note that’s separate Rules, each subsequent Rule after the initial Rule having a start time 2 minutes after that of the previous Rule—and I didn’t run into a limit, so I’m not quite sure of the issue you’re having.

If you could provide further detail about the steps you’ve taken so far and what, exactly, you’re trying to accomplish, then we might be better able to arrive at a solution for you. In any case, welcome to the Forum, @asc1892!

Perhaps some type of water sensor would be better. Then you could turn the pump on and off based upon presence or absence of water.

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Several people here on the forum that are doing what WildBill suggests and have stories about the sensor controlling their sump pump saving them from flooding.

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@asc1892, I use Alexa routines. And if you don’t have an Echo device, I think you can still create routines. Just create an Amazon account and link Wyze skill to Alexa. But who doesn’t already have an Amazon account? Simply don’t add any announcements or voice commands in the routine.

In Alexa routines, you can add up to 150 separate commands to occur, set the time when to start. And with some switches, you instead of on or off, there’s a toggle on or off and save using extra lines of the routine. But if 150 is not enough, wow.

Doesn’t your sump pump have a float switch that automatically kicks it on when the water reaches a certain level?

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Hey all thanks for all the solutions :slight_smile:

The sump pump is manual, so it won’t kick in automatically, which is why I’m using a Wyze plug to turn on and off the sump pump manually.

However, when it floods in my basement from a certain location, I turn on the sump pump for x minutes every x often. I normally will create “schedules” within the Wyze plug itself. Screenshot attached.

I just tried to do the Sensors idea, but it’s not great. The sensor doesn’t immediately clear after water is gone. As the ground is still slightly wet that it’s on. Is there a way to improve the sensors so they clear more quickly?

If not, I think trying the rule idea may work better. Will give that a shot. Thanks all!

I’ve been trying to figure out why I haven’t seen the schedule limitation you described in your original post, and with your most recent post I wondered why I’ve never seen the screen you included for illustration. Then I did some digging and found this:

I have only the original plugs, which don’t support local schedules (which is what I think you’re probably showing with your screenshot).

In my case—trying to test this myself and come up with a solution for you that doesn’t require additional equipment (e.g., sensors) or apps (e.g., Alexa)—using Rules is about the only way I can think of to do it, so that’s what I would’ve tried from the beginning, but those have their own limitations and don’t operate with the apparent independence of local schedules.

Anyway, you managed to teach me something, in a roundabout way, so I appreciate that. Thanks, and good luck!

Yea, don’t leave the sensor on the damp ground. Elevate it a bit so once the water drains down, it is no longer sensing water.

The other option is a simple mechanical float valve (made for a sump pump) that will turn power on and off to the pump. I just did a search on the Home Depot website for Sump Pump Float Switch and there are lots of options. Pick what works best for your situation.

Thanks all!

I’m going to try a combination of a new rule setting for “turn on for x minutes after x minutes turned off”. That seems to be getting the action I need to occur on a consistent basis when a lot of water is coming into the basement.

Yes, I’ve looked at this auto pumps, but trying to avoid if possible another purchase as the sump pump I have (water bug) already does a great job. Figure my Wyze sensors and plug can basically automate this for no additional cost.

I think I’m close to it, got to figure out a good place for this sensor. Once I do, I think it’ll be automated for the most part. Of course with a human in the loop :slight_smile:

Thanks yall for all your suggestions!!

Great! I’m glad you found a workable solution.