Customer's Surveillance software


I was really looking forward to getting my v2 WyzeCam to test it out with a number of different software programs my customers use for their home security. I tried two of the software products, Active Webcam and the much more professional Milestone XProtect. I was not able to discover the WyzeCam with either one of the programs. It sure would be nice if you would make the WyzeCam discoverable on a local network. I know I personally would rather have my video stored locally on my computer and readily available without signing on to a website to view. Both programs mentioned above have the ability to allow viewing over the internet. I have a lot of customers that would rather run their own software and use a mix of expensive Axis cameras ($300-$400) along with a number of quality low cost cameras (WyzeCam). Please let us know if you are considering making whatever changes need made to enable this capability on the WyzeCam.

Thanks, Bob