Customer Service is Terrible

Apparently there is no place to express my concerns except for this forum. The customer service here is terrible. I spent over an hour on hold on the phone and on live chat to report that I received an incomplete order. I was told on the chat I would receive an email with information about a replacement, but no actual resolution or information in the chat. At this point I feel incredibly skeptical that paying for an annual service on a security system will be at all worthwhile. I will be returning the entire system and going with Simpli-Safe instead.


I agree their phone customer support has long wait times and their live chat is worthless. Live chat are not techs and only follow a script making you repeat troubleshooting steps you probably already did. And then in the end they will just recommend replacing your product (if it’s under warranty), which really doesn’t fix a software issue.

I have had 2 separate calls for the same topic, 20 days apart.

My Wyze Lock is installed but moves with the door knob, The back plate for the keypad is damaged - the little thing you fix on the wall, then slide the pad body into it.

In both cases, the rep said they could only offer a replacement (still under warranty) and to expect an email confirmation. Mind you, I spent an hour with a live rep each time. Then, no more contact, no response to emails.

So yes, customer support even if you get through, is really a waste.